[Globalization] UD for people around the world - Products and Services -

photo: A barrier-free navigation app being used on a smartphone

World-leading technology that takes you directly to your destination.

Verifying the technology for better accessibility.
Using ICT to help people cleverly move around

photo: Virtual reality for impaired sight, Wheelchair user virtual reality

Accessibility solutions

This technology is for assisting first-time foreign visitors to Japan, the elderly, wheelchair users
and also the visually impaired to move around safely and smoothly. Panasonic is verifying its
new ICT initiatives in accessibility at Haneda Airport and other places.

Explanatory figure: For the wide range of facility users, we offer information displays that anyone can understand, providing security and comfort. Arrangements are in place to provide smooth transfers, and personal devices are employed. We also provide high-quality services while reducing undue demands on staff.

Other UD examples[Globalization]

Toward 2020 and beyond.
Panasonic will also develop foreign-friendly universal design to meet the needs of our increasingly globalized world.

Helping people move directly and safely LinkRay

Simply wave your smart phone or tablet over the LED light to immediately see a multi-language information display

Helping people move directly and safely Barrier-free route navigation

High-precision indoor positioning technology guides users to the most mobile-friendly route, even in places with no GPS access.

Automatic speech translation Megaphone translator

Japanese announcements are replayed in four languages. Highly-accurate and easy-to-operate voice translation using recorded standard sentences.

Interpreting-free smart support for inbound visitors Encounter Translator
Multi-lingual audio translation service

Translation equipment facing customers. Handles English, Chinese, Korean, and Thai. Equipped with a range of support functions useful for communicating with foreigners.

Voice–operated TV that’s also popular overseas 4KTV

A voiced reading function that helps the visually impaired watch TV was even added to overseas models. Multilingual to suit the destination, it supports up to 25 languages from around the world.

Providing to sports facilities towords 2020 The shower

Easy posture sitting shower with less burden on the body.
Supplied to the Shintoyosu Running Stadium.