Increase Comfort

Bathe in a more comfortable posture without putting excess burden on any part of the body.

The Shower

Load and Remove Laundry Comfortably

We pursued a form that is easy to use even for the elderly and those in wheelchairs.

Tilted-Drum Washer/Dryer

Inside shelving slides out and down gently for easy access.

Soft-down Wall Unit

Minimize the Strain on Legs and Lower Back

New handrail with an integrated storage shelf in one unit, offering both functionality and spatial beauty for bathrooms

Handrail For Bathroom

Cleaning rooms in a t riangular form from corner to corner. Lightens the chore of doing the cleaning.

Robot Vacuum cleaner

Using the armrests, users can stand and sit with less strain on their knees and lower backs.

Toilet with Armrests (A-La-Uno)

Easy to Use in a Wheelchair

We reduced the size of the home elevator for easier and simpler installation, while maintaining minimal size for wheelchairs.

Home Elevator