Less Maintenance Work in High and Dangerous Places

The LED light bulb has about 40,000 hours lifespan, reducing the frequency of light bulb replacements in high places.

LED Light Bulb

Automatic filter cleaning reduces the need for cleaning the filter on air conditioners that are usually installed near the ceiling.

Air Conditioner with Filter Cleaning Robot

The "Clean Coat" prevents dust and oil from sticking to the lighting fixture, making it easy to clean.

Lighting Fixture

Accident Prevention

A cover on the door hinge moves in relation to the hinge, so that a child's finger does not enter the hinge.

Finger-Safe Hinge Closet Door

esigned with a safety feature which does not let the appliance operate if it is not set up properly.


The plug is attached by a magnet, making it trip-proof.

Electrical Wiring Device

Easy Maintenance

Cleanliness is maintained without the need to clean fans for 10 years.

Range Hood with Hydrophilic and Fluorine Coating

Grill interior is seamless and does not have a rack, so it is easy to clean.

IH Cooktop R Series