Safety and Convenience for Children

The design focuses on safety, ensuring that the blades do not make direct contact with the skin. Maintenance is also simple.

Hair Trimmer for Kids

The position of the light and switch ensure easy tooth brushing.

Ultrasonic Electric Toothbrush
(for Touch up Brushing)

Hearing and Seeing Aid that Suit Each Individual

Device with a compact size hidden in the ear canal, which is made to fit each individual’s ear, realizing a more natural sound.

Producing a mold to be fitted to the ear canal

Example of CIC (mini) use

Hearing Instruments

Enables communication for people with both speech impairment and upper body paralysis, by using slight physical movements to choose letters indicated by lights and voice guidance.

Communication Aids (Let's Chat)

Input switch supporting the “Let’s Chat” function

Hand push switch

Foot-operated switch

Cheek-operated switch

Peace of Mind for People Living Alone

See what’s outside the door from anywhere in the house, on a wireless monitor device. Easy installation and simple operation.

Wireless Door Monitor