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Redelivering an item is a burden on both the recipient and delivery person.

As delivery services increase, so does the various “troubles” associated with them.
Delivery box for homes can accept deliveries when you are not home and can be installed easily without any electrical work.

photo: Delivery box for homes

Product Features

Around 56% of people have experienced some kind of trouble in receiving a delivery, such as not being home when it arrives or being caught up in housework and unable to answer the door.
As online shopping becomes increasingly popular, it’s also becoming more common for items to be redelivered.
That’s why a delivery box is top on the list of ways to resolve this issue.

Explanatory graph: 56.4% are inconvenienced by the delivery of goods

Other UD products[Innovation in work styles]

Society is changing at a dizzying pace, as seen in innovations in working styles and the greater participation of women in society.
Panasonic offers universal design to support the lifestyles of these changing times.

photo: Home Network System

Monitor from afar

Home Network System

Check what’s happening at home or outside using your smart phone from wherever you are.

photo: Cordless stick-type vacuum cleaner “iT”

Reduces the time and effort required for housework.

Cordless stick-type vacuum cleaner “iT”

You can continuously clean from the floor to crevices without needing to switch between nozzles.

photo: Robot Vacuum cleaner (RULO)

Automatically cleans up for you

Robot Vacuum cleaner (RULO)

Cleaning rooms in a triangular form from corner to corner. Lightens the chore of doing the cleaning.

photo: Fully self-cleaning Toilet Alauno

Automatically cleans the toilet via bubble power

Fully self-cleaning Toilet Alauno

Thoroughly cleans the bowl with bubbles and running water each time you flush.
A cushion of bubbles prevents dirt from flying up from the bowl.

photo: Laptops(Let’snote)

Work from anywhere


Work on the go from anywhere you like using this lightweight PC with a long-lasting battery.