■Please confirm about handling of personal information.

if you read the following "handling of personal information" and you can agree on it -- [-- please agree, push] button to the next and move on to an inquiry input.
※When you cannot agree with the following contents, you can ask, although I feel sorry. Please understand the situation.

● About handling of personal information

(1)A company name and a private-information-proctection administrator

Panasonic incorporated company Design company In charge of personal information management

(2)The purpose of using personal information

Chief Privacy Officer, Panasonic Corporation

(3)Offer of personal information

When it is judged that it is suitable for the acquired personal information that I am allowed to correspond from the group affiliated company of our company to a "inquiry", a visitor's name, a contact, etc. may be offered by paper or electronic media to the group affiliated company of our company.
In this case, the visitor can ask our company to stop offer of the personal information to the group company of our company.

(4)About commission of handling of personal information

All or a part of acquired handling of personal information may be entrusted in the range required for the above-mentioned use purpose.

(5)About inquiry windows of the personal information for an indication, such as an indication

from the person himself/herself -- asking -- it responds to the stop (it is called a "indication etc.") of the notice of the use purpose of the personal information for an indication which our company holds, an indication, correction of the contents, an addition or deletion, the stop of use, elimination, and offer. The window according to an indication etc. serves as the following.

General contact for inquiries on privacy matters for Panasonic Corporation
Please use this form for contacting us about privacy matters.
(Personal information entered by customers is protected by SSL.)

(6)Notes which are in charge of inputting personal information

  1. The indispensable item of an inquiry should not leak and please input it.
  2. Please fill in the contents of an opinion and the question as concretely as possible.
  3. It may reply by telephone.
  4. Please give us a longer time to respond to your inquiry from the next working day following weekends, public holidays, or longer holidays such as the New Year period.
  5. For consultations on repairs, please look here to find contact details for the customer service department of our nearest office to you.
  6. Please keep in mind that diversion and using secondarily are not accepted on the writing-a book method in a part or the whole of the answer content without permission of our company.

(7)Acquisition of personal information by methods the user is not easily aware of

We do not acquire personal information from users by methods such as cookies and web beacons which the user may be unaware of.