R&D Outlook

Creating "A Better Life, A Better World" with Focused Technologies such as AI/IoT/Big Data, Sensing Technology, Robotics, and Digitalization Network along with Supportive Technologies such as Key Device/Manufacturing, and Clean Energy in “Home”, “Mobility”, “Business” areas to aim for an “ideal society and lifestyles” while solving global social issues.

Image of "Update of Individual Lifestyle as well as the world"


Autonomous Driving / Solutions

  • Obstacle Detection
  • Human State Recognition
  • External Perception
  • Dispatch Control System

Energy Optimizations

  • Next-Generation Power Devices
  • Lithium Ion Battery System
  • Contactless Power Supply System

Everyone’s Free and Active


Lifestyle Noticed Everyday

  • Face Authentication In/Out
  • Face Settlement Self-checkout
  • Identification of Membership Facilities
  • Detection of Suspicious Persons

Origin of Life

  • Lifestyle Data Analysis
  • Emotion Estimation
  • Variable House

Integration of External Services with Lifestyles


Next-Generation Stores and Facilities

  • Unmanned Service Pot (Automatic Settlement)
  • Unmanned Delivery Robotics
  • Automatic Inventory/Replenishment
  • Behavioral Prediction

Improving Plant and Logistics Efficiency

  • Improvement of Work Capacity (Power, Efficiency Assist)
  • Autonomous Mobile Robot
  • Logistics/Transport Robots