FSVEX and INVERTER / Industry Top Class EER/COP


For small-scale commercial and residential use

Cooling or Heating Type 1/3-phase
  • High external static pressure 35Pa
  • Wide operation range: Cooling: -10°C to 46°C DB, Heating at: -20°C to 18°C WB
  • Refrigerant chargeless up to 50m
  • Extraordinary energy saving: 5.08* EER for 4HP model
  • Demand response (Peak cut) by optional parts.
  • Maximum number of connectable indoor units : 9*
  • Diversity ratio 50-130%
  • DC inverter technology combined with R410A for excellent efficiency
  • Demand response (Peak cut) by optional parts.
  • One ampere starting current
  • Full range of indoor units and control options
  • Auto restart from outdoor unit
  • Hi-durability outdoor unit model is available.
  • Suitable for R22 renewal projects

* 6 HP only; 4 HP for 7 units, 5 HP for 8 units.

2-WAY MINI-FSV LE2 Series Industry Top Class EER/COP