Wall Mounted

The K2/K1 type wall mounted unit has a stylish smooth design with a washable front panel. Small, lightweight and low noise level makes it
ideal for small offices and other commercial applications.

Technical focus

  • Closed discharge port when not in use
  • Lighter and smaller units make installation easy
  • Quiet operation
  • Smooth and durable design
  • Piping outlet in six directions
  • Washable front panel
  • Air distribution is automatically altered depending on the operational mode of the unit
  • Anti-mould washable filters are included
K2/K1TYPE Wall Mounted

Noise reducing external valve kit

To reduce noise level of expansion valve.
(Optional accessory)

Noise reducing external valve kit

Closed discharge port

When the unit is turned off, the flap closes completely to prevent
entry of dust into the unit and to keep the equipment clean.

Compact indoor units make the installation easy

Noise reducing external valve kit