Indoor air quality (IAQ) trends and clean air solutions
in business and everyday life

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Making Health Clubs Stronger and Safer Through Cleanliness

There’s more to creating lifelong change in one’s physical and mental health than sets and reps; being in a healthier environment also plays an important role.

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Using air quality to create positive change in people’s behavior

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Making Health Clubs Stronger and Safer Through Cleanliness

There’s more to creating lifelong change in one’s physical and mental health than sets and reps; being in a healthier environment also plays an important role.

Creating a Space for Work, Rest and Play

It takes more than desks, chairs, and beanbags to create an effective co-working space.

Air conditioning is about health and comfort, not just cooling

As demand for energy-efficient buildings grows, people also need to consider the role of cooling systems in maintaining public health.

Using air quality to create positive change in people’s behavior

How a place makes one feel is often overlooked in design, but the atmosphere and air in a space can have a huge psychological impact on the visitor.

The collaborations driving the growing global appeal of nanoe™ X

The ubiquity of nanoe™ X in Japan—incorporated everywhere from homes to trains to hospitals—is helping the technology gain traction overseas.

Air quality: A key element for creating spaces that make you feel at home

Producing good airflow isn’t just about making the air in a space more breathable; it’s also about imbuing visitors with a sense of relaxation and contentment.

Perfecting the Ideal Humidity and Temperature for Your Home

Maintaining the right temperature and humidity to keep your family healthy and comfortable is now possible.

Improving Indoor Air Quality at Home

Harmful pollutants from outside and inside can badly affect our health, learn ways to improve IAQ for healthier living.

A Healthy Home Free From Germs

Germs spread easily through our daily activities. Guard our homes against various viruses and bacteria to protect our loved ones.

Stopping the Growth of Harmful Fungi

Defend our home from unseen health hazards that breed in dark and damp places.

Sniffing Out Odour Problems at Home

The combination of sweat, food and unknown odour at home will make anyone feel frustrated. Identify and remove odour at its source.

PM2.5, A Major Health Concern

Rising PM2.5 levels are a worrying trend with adverse effects on our health. Reduce exposure and safeguard our health from these airborne threats.

The Surprising Impact of Humidity on Your Health

Humidity greatly affects our wellbeing and quality of life. Here’s what you need to know and what you can do about it.

Unraveling the Myths and Truths About Indoor Air Quality

From invisible pollutants to allergens inside our home, we shed light on the risks they pose and provide practical solutions for improving indoor air.

Bacteria & Viruses, Fighting the Invisible Invaders

Bacteria and viruses silently contaminate our living spaces and everyday objects. Discover the startling health risks these intruders pose and how we can stop them in their tracks.

Out With the Mould

Mould can cause many health issues and should not be growing inside our homes! Arm yourself with practical strategies to combat mould and keep it outdoors.

Home Solutions to Eliminate Odours

Is there a strange smell somewhere in your house? Read up on and get the lowdown on how to neutralise musty, funky, yucky odours from you home forever!

Protect Yourself Against PM2.5

Ultra-fine PM2.5 airborne pollutants cause respiratory illnesses and allergies, wrecking our health continuously. Learn how to reduce our exposure to PM2.5 and protect ourselves against its effects.

What’s the difference between viruses and bacteria?

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How to remove some germs at home and try to stop them spreading

It feels invasive to say the least. But who exactly are these unwelcome guests? And how can we remove them from our homes?

The effectiveness of HEPA filters on air purification

An air purifier helps ensure that your environment is conducive to your physical well-being –cleaning what you can’t clean yourself

The key to comfortable living: perfect room temperature and humidity

Here’s what you need to know to ensure your home and office are at a comfortable indoor temperature.

How to optimise temperature and humidity in your home

Home should be somewhere you enjoy being. It should be comfortable, relaxing, and calming.

Sleep hygiene - 11 tips to help you sleep better

Are you struggling to keep your eyes open? No matter who we are or what we do, we all need sleep to be able to function.

How to Reduce Air Pollution and Improve Indoor Air Quality at Home

Indoor air quality is not something we usually think about. We focus on cleaning and disinfecting surfaces, but all the while the very air we breathe at home can be even more polluted than outside air.

How to Improve Ventilation to Bring Fresh Air Into Your Home

It’s the indoor air quality. It can be so polluted that it can have a serious impact on your health. But how does it get so polluted in the first place? And what can you do about it?

Where dust comes from and how you can get rid of it

So you might try ignoring its presence since it can seem impossible to know how to remove dust from your room. But dust can affect indoor air quality and have a negative impact on your health.

What you need to know about PM2.5 pollution

What’s tiny can be so powerful. PM2.5 is smaller than a human hair. Despite its size, it can affect ecosystems as well as the climate

How PM2.5 Is Damaging Your Health – And What To Do About It

The truth is that we’re all exposed to PM2.5 every day. But what is it exactly? And what can we do about it?

How to Get Rid of Smoke Smells from Your House ?

Is there a way to keep your house fresh and free from those smoky odours? There is. And you’ll find out why thatpesky smell lingers in the first place.

What are the health effects and symptoms caused by mould in your home?

Let’s take a look at the negative health effects and symptoms caused by mould in your home.

Mould in your air conditioner is more common than you think

When your air conditioner is working as it should, it’s easy to forget about what’s happening inside it.

How to get rid of mould in every corner of your house

Are you suffering with a mould problem in your house?

How to remove unpleasant odours from your home and live fresh

Your home is your sanctuary – comfortable, safe, warm, and clean. 

How to find and remove musty smells in your house

Mould, mildew, and must are all unpleasant smells that are commonly found in homes.

Why your air conditioner smells bad and how to fix it

When the weather calls for air conditioning, there’s nothing worse than turning it on only for your home to fill with a bad smell. 

Enhancing livability via more personal design and better air quality

A period of introspection has led to slower, more considered lifestyles that factor in mind, body, and spirit, and clean air is a fundamental requirement.

Clean air solutions integral to tomorrow’s commercial buildings

The pandemic has pushed he hospitality sector into taking clean air more seriously for the safety of both customers and staff.

Air conditioning that complements a building’s design

Like sunlight, greenery, and other natural elements, good air quality has become an important aspect in today’s increasingly sustainable building designs.

How to retain your hotel staff with a better work environment

Find out how to create a better work environment for your hotel staff, in order to attract and retain talent in a challenging staffing environment.

How can technology make your care facility more comfortable and hygienic?

Create a more comfortable and hygienic care facility environment with technology, and tackle some of the biggest challenges you face today.

How air quality is the key to a high-performing veterinary clinic

Tackle some of your biggest veterinary clinic challenges by improving your air quality, such as reducing animal distress levels and improving your efficiency.

Your employees are demanding a better office environment: Here’s how to do it

This blog post explores the secrets to creating a healthier, happier, and more attractive office environment, and how this can help you attract staff.

How to make your gym your customers’ favourite

Following the Covid-19 pandemic, creating a comfortable and hygienic gym environment is key. Here’s how to do it, and why air quality matters so much.

Your restaurant customers care more about odours than you think: Here’s why

Most restaurant owners have their priorities wrong. Find out what your customers want and how to create a premium dining experience with sustainable tech.

How to perfect your supermarket’s customer experience

As we emerge from the Covid pandemic, now is the time to get your supermarket’s customer experience up to standard. Here’s how to do it.

Improve your dental patients’ experience with the latest tech

Comfort and security are now more important than ever. Find out what your patients are looking for and how to improve your dental clinic environment.