Sochi 2014

Technology Solutions to Support the Olympic Games

Professional Projector

Achieved a Vivid, High-Definition,
3D Video projected Using 20,000 Lumens
of Brightness

Inside the Olympic Park, Coca-Cola’s 3D projection mapping show was presented at the Iceberg Skating Palace. Panasonic’s highly-competent DLP Projectors projected images in amazing clarity onto the curved surface of the walls.

[Main Functions and Features]

  1. The compact body achieved 20,000 lumens of brightness and realistic high-resolution WUXGA to drive creativity.
  2. The proprietary, highly-reliable “4-lamp optical system.” In addition, the running cost was reduced by excellent maintenance.
  3. Effortless image projection on non-standard size screens, and the multi-screen system offered excellent system performance.
Scenes from the Sochi 2014
Scenes from the Sochi 2014
Scenes from the Sochi 2014
Scenes from the Sochi 2014

The Panasonic Professional Lineup

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Professional Projector

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