Panasonic has supplied more than:

  • 841 video cameras
  • 7,400 monitors
  • LED large screen displays
    347 x LED large screen displays = 11,340m2
    16,600 x 50-inch TVs
  • 1,581 recorders
  • More than 16,000 security cameras

Broadcasting Equipment

Panasonic broadcasting equipment has been used for recording systems and played a key role at 13 Olympic Games.

Achieving a speedier workflow through an even greater advancement in functionality.

Achieved high-speed, high-definition program production with the superiorly mobile P2HD series

In achieving 3D live broadcasting, we ushered in a new era of digital video

A Full Line-Up of HD Equipment Supported the Transition of the First “HD Winter Olympic Games,” Captured Entirely in HD

Enabled the first full HD Olympic Games using HD broadcasting technology

Supported Olympic international feed production with Highly-Reliable Equipment, Fully Functional Even in the Extreme Cold

Full Support of host broadcastor from Delivery to Maintenance

Delivered excitement to the world through high-quality digital broadcasting

Supported the International Broadcast Centre (IBC) through the construction of a fully-digital broadcast system

Wide-ranging support for the IBC from planning to design, installation of Olympic broadcasting equipment

24-Hour, Full-Service Support for International Broadcast Centre (IBC)

Digital broadcasting equipment captured the athletes’spirit in high-resolution

Supported host broadcaster by Realizing High-Quality Analog Recording

Supported some broadcasters as an Official Worldwide Olympic Partner