Panasonic has supplied more than:

791 video cameras

6,400 monitors

LED large screen displays
305 x LED large screen displays = 9,700㎡
14,000 x 50-inch TVs

1,531 recorders

More than 15,000 security cameras

10,700 DVCPRO HD tapes(Beijing 2008)
over 2,800km 67marathons

RAMSA Professional Audio System

Vancouver 2010

High Quality, Powerful Sounds Wrapped the Venues with Excitement

Beijing 2008

Powerful sounds were realized by specially-designed speakers tailored to the Stadium

Torino 2006

Realistic clear sounds wrapped the venue with excitement

Athens 2004

Newly-developed array speakers delivered uniformly clear sound across the entire venue

Salt Lake 2002

Delivered clear and stable sound even in extremely cold climates

Sydney 2000

Energized the event with audio systems optimized for the Venue

Nagano 1998

All-weather speakers turned up the heat in snowy Nagano