Panasonic has supplied more than:

  • 841 video cameras
  • 7,400 monitors
  • LED large screen displays
    347 x LED large screen displays = 11,340m2
    16,600 x 50-inch TVs
  • 1,581 recorders
  • More than 16,000 security cameras

AV Security Equipment System

Despite the intensely cold environments, Panasonic's security cameras ensured the venues were safe and secure.

Addressed the security concerns, previously viewed with apprehension, with the least number of supplied equipment

Assisted in the delivery of public safety surrounding the Olympic Games operations with a record number of 7,000 security cameras

The Advanced AV Security Equipment System Contributed to Safe, Issueless Operation of the Games

High-Performance AV Security Equipment System Monitored the Performance of the Athletes and Safety of the Spectators