31, Aug

8 days until the Paralympic Games

Here we present you the future arena, where goalball competitions will be held. In this competition, 2 teams with 3 players each will be wearing eyeshades while throwing balls with bells inside.

30, Aug

9 days until the Paralympic Games

This is the the Olympic Equestrian Centre. During equestrian competitions, riders need to perform required movements and freestyle choreographed to music.

29, Aug

10 days until the Paralympic Games

This is Carioca Arena 2 where judo will be held. The aim of the game is similar to Olympic judo competitions, which is to throw the rival onto the ground with their back on the floor.

28, Aug

Beach Volleyball Venue

One of the most popular events in Brazil, beach volleyball is a sport love by the locals. Despite sandy, wet and windy conditions, Panasonic’s systems help to share the passion of the events to the spectators.

27, Aug

Olympic Village

This was the home for the Olympians during the Olympic Games. There are 31 buildings in total, hosting around 18,000 people, including athletes, coaches, technical staffs and doctors.

26, Aug

Canoe Slalom Venue

Canoe slalom is being hosted in the whitewater stadium of the Deodoro Area. This complex facility also has Panasonic’s LED and video adjudication systems installed, helping to boost the sights and sounds of the competitions.

25, Aug

Sailing Venue

Marina da Glória is located in Guanabara Bay, where sailing competitions are held. This sport entered the Olympic Games in Paris 1900 and has a very long history.

24, Aug

Riocentro Venue

Riocentro includes 4 venues that stages sports such as weightlifting, table tennis, badminton and boxing. Panasonic’s LED and video adjudication systems installed, helping to enhance the visual experiences of the competitions.

23, Aug

Panasonic & Neymar Jr.

Neymar Jr., Panasonic Global Ambassador has won the men's football Gold at the finals. Panasonic has supported the Olympic Games with audio visual technology to share the passion of athletes to the world.

22, Aug

Closing Ceremony

"To mark the end of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, the Closing Ceremony was filled with lively carnivals and performances. Panasonic is an Official Ceremony Partner and has provided various audio-visual equipment including projectors and multiple live switchers."

21, Aug

Gold medal for the Brazilian men's football team

Neymar Jr., Panasonic’s brand ambassador has won the men's football Gold at the finals.

20, Aug

Volleyball Venue

The volleyball matches are held here at the Maracanãzinho stadium, where several of Panasonic’s audio-visual equipment such as LEDs are installed. In addition, there is also projection mapping by Panasonic creating a dynamic experience in the stadium.

19, Aug

Olympic Rings around Rio

There are several Olympic rings in the city of Rio, includign the Olympic Park. The color of the rings represents the five inhabited continents of the world.

18, Aug

Olympic Park Decorations

The Rio 2016 Olympic Park is colorful with lots of decorations, including colorful murels by street artists and flags of the participating nations.

17, Aug

Olympic Stadium

Athletics events are being hosted here at the Olympic Stadium (Engenhão). Panasonic LEDs, switchers and cameras are here to capture and share the speed and passion of the athletes.

16, Aug

Panasonic Advertisements in Rio

This is the Panasonic poster covering the subway in Rio de Janeiro, featuring the athletes of Team Panasonic.

15, Aug

JOC House

This is the Japan house, showcasing the next Olympic Games in 2020. The National Olympic Committee (NOC) Houses of the Olympic Games is an attraction to the visitors of the Olympic Games. Panasonic has contributed to the Japan Olympic Committee (JOC) house as well with various audio and visual equipment.

14, Aug

Synchronized Swimming Venue

One of the Olympic Games events where sounds and music is crucial, synchronized swimming is an event by top athletes providing remarkable performances in the water.

13, Aug

Panasonic at the Rugby Competitions

This is Kenki Fukuoka, on the men's rugby sevens team representing Japan. He is also on the Panasonic Rugby team. The amazing rugby matches were held in the Deodoro Stadium. The LED and system displays of Panasonic are installed here.

12, Aug

Sugarloaf Showcase

As the Official Technology Partner of Rio de Janeiro’s Sugarloaf Mountain, Panasonic has set up a high-tech showcase for visitors to enjoy. This is the Panasonic Team at the Stadium of Wonders.

11, Aug

LED Screens at Fort Copacabana

The Cycling Road events are being held at the scenic Fort Copacabana venue, which is at the southern end of the famous Copacabana beach. The Live Sites at the venue has Panasonic LED Screen installed, allowing spectators to enjoy watching the competitions.

10, Aug

IBC / MPC of the Olympic Park

The International Broadcast Centre (IBC) and the Main Press Centre (MPC), situated in the Barra Olympic Park is the base for the press and broadcast media to cover Rio 2016.

9, Aug

Felipe Franca 7th place in finals

Brazilian swimmer Felipe Franca of Team Panasonic achieved 7th place in the 100m men’s breast stroke finals.

8, Aug

The Barra Olympic Park

The Barra Olympic Park is a cluster of nine sporting venues of Rio 2016. Panasonic’s security cameras are installed at the Olympic Park, ensuring the safety of the athletes and spectators at Rio 2016.

7, Aug

Events at Panasonic Center in Tokyo

The Panasonic Center is holding Rio 2016 events! From 8/6 to 8/22, Panasonic will be collaborating with NHK to provide an 8K public viewing session to deliver some spectacles live including the Opening and Closing Ceremonies, as well as some of the events. This photo is of the Opening Ceremony. The Closing Ceremony as well as other some sporting events will be shown live. Please come and enjoy the sensational audio-visual experience.

6, Aug

Opening Ceremony

Panasonic, as the Official Opening Ceremony and Closing Ceremony Partner, has supported the performances at the Opening Ceremony, with over 100 projectors and high quality Audio-Visual equipment solutions.

5, Aug

1 day until Rio 2016

This is the Amazonia stadium which is one of the 7 stadiums where football matches will be held. The football competitions have already started!

4, Aug

2 days until Rio 2016

This is the Carioca Arena 2 venue in Rio, where wrestling and judo will be held. Judo is a traditional Japanese wrestling sport invented in the 1880s.

3, Aug

3 days until Rio 2016

This is the Olympic Hockey Center, renovated recently for Rio 2016. The sport made its first appearance in the London 1908 Olympic Games, and since then it became a permanent sport event.

2, Aug

4 days until Rio 2016

This is the Maria Lenk Aquatics Center, which will host water polo, diving and synchronized swimming events.

1, Aug

5 days until Rio 2016

This is Fort Copacabana, where cycling road, marathon swimming and triathlon will be held. Triathlon was invented in the early 1970s as an alternative workout to the strict track training.