24, Sep

See you at Tokyo 2020!

Panasonic is an Official Worldwide Partner of the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

23, Sep

Olympic Rings in Rio

Here are a couple of photos of the Olympic rings in the city of Rio as well as in the Olympic Park. We are already missing Rio 2016!

22, Sep

KWN watching Rugby matches

After the Awards Ceremony for the KWN (Kid’s Witness News) Global Contest 2016 in Rio, the students watched some wheelchair rugby and wheelchair tennis matches at the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games.

21, Sep

KWN at Rio 2016

Students of the KWN program visited the Paralympic Village and the Media Center during the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games.

20, Sep

Congratulations to Daniel Dias!

4 Gold, 3 Silvers and 2 Bronze medals. Daniel Dias, Brazilian Paralympic Swimmer of Team Panasonic had a very successful and busy 2 weeks at Rio 2016.

19, Sep

Closing Ceremony

The Rio 2016 Paralympic Games has just ended with a spectacular Closing Ceremony. It has been an incredibly exhilarating time for us in Rio. Panasonic is an Official Ceremony Partner and has provided approximately 110 projectors which contributed to the remarkable performance.

Panasonic's large scale LED screen was installed at the Closing Ceremony of the Paralympic Games, which is the biggest LED screen yet in history installed at the Opening and Closing Ceremonies of the Paralympic Games.

18, Sep

Carioca arena 2

Competitions of Boccia are hosted at Carioca arena 2. After the Paralympic Games, the venue will be used as a permanent training centre for athletes in many different sports.

17, Sep

Wheelchair Basketball at the Paralympic Games

The Wheelchair Basketball matches have been on for almost every day of the Paralympic Games. They are held at both the Rio Olympic Arena and the Carioca Arena 1.

16, Sep

Rowing and canoe Venue

The rowing and canoe events are hosted at Lagoa Stadium, a venue located at Rodrigo de Freitas Lake, one of the city's main landmarks. Conquering the humid and windy environment, Panasonic's profesional displays and AV system help to deliver the passion and excitement to the spectators.

15, Sep

Archery Venue

During Rio 2016, the Sambrodomo Arena is the venue for Archery competitions. It is also an area known for hosting Samba Carnivals in Rio.

14, Sep

Goalball at the Paralympic Games

The future arena is where the Goalball competitions will take place. Goalball is a tem sport designed fro blind athletes.

13, Sep

Daniel Dias of Team Panasonic

Daniel Dias, a Brazilian Paralympic Swimmer of Team Panasonic has been very successful in Rio 2016, such as his recent gold medal in the 200 meter freestyle.

12, Sep

Table Tennis Venue

The Riocentro Pavillion 3 is 23,000 square meters, and the table tennis matches will be held here. Panasonic LED screens are installed in this venue.

11, Sep

Olympic Aquatics Stadium at the Paralympics Games

The swimming competitions of the Paralympic Games will be held at the Olympic Aquatics Stadium. There are two swimming pools in the stadium, one for warming ups and practices, while one is for competitions. Panasonic's broadcasting system and flat displays are installed to deliver the inspiring performance of the swimmers.

10, Sep

Riocentro Pavillion at the Paralympic Games

Sitting volleyball competitions during the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games will be hosted in Riocentro Pavilion 6. Panasonic's flat displays and AV systems are installed in the venue to share the excitement of the games.

9, Sep

Shooting Event Venue

Both shooting events at the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games are held at the Olympic Shooting Center. The Olympic Shooting Center has seven shooting ranges, and is situated in the Deodoro area. Various Panasonic equipment is installed here, enhancing the audio-visual experience of the spectators.

8, Sep

Opening Ceremony at the Paralympic Games

Panasonic is an Official Ceremony Partner, and has supported the Opening Ceremony of the Paralympic Games by providing over 100 projecters.

7, Sep

1 day until the Paralympic Games

This is a picture of Sambódromo, where archery competitions are being hosted. Paralympic and Olympic archers compete under same rules and use similar equipments. That is why they often compete side-by-side during world championships.

6, Sep

2 days until the Paralympic Games

This is the Rio Olympic Arena, where wheelchair basketball games are hosted. Wheelchair basketball is one of the most established Paralympic sports. It is played by more than 25,000 people in 80 countries around the world.

5, Sep

3 days until the Paralympic Games

This is Carioca Arena 2, where boccia is held. In Boccia, layers throw or roll balls with different colors as close as possible to a white ball as target.

4, Sep

4 days until the Paralympic Games

This is the Olympic Shooting Centre, where shooting competitions will be held. The bull’s eye on the target is only half a millimeter in diameter.

3, Sep

5 days until the Paralympic Games

This is Marina da Glória which will host the Sailing Competitions. Since sailing boats are only powered by wind, teams compete against each other by navigating through the designated course.

2, Sep

6 days until the Paralympic Games

This is the Pontal venue, where cycling road will be hosted. In the Cycling road competitions competitors will be riding bicycles, tricycles, hand-bikes or tandems, competing against each other in long-distance road races.

1, Sep

7 days until the Paralympic Games

This is Olympic Tennis Centre, where wheelchair tennis and football 5-a-side will be held. Wheelchair tennis is a fast-paced sport with swift athletes.