Panasonic has supplied more than:

  • 841 video cameras
  • 7,400 monitors
  • LED large screen displays
    347 x LED large screen displays = 11,340m2
    16,600 x 50-inch TVs
  • 1,581 recorders
  • More than 16,000 security cameras

Large-Screen Display System

Panasonic supplied the most screens ever to a Winter Olympic Games to support the competitions through video and information-based communications.

Backed with their advanced displays the achievement of a new way to present sports.

Achieved an Unprecedented level of Visual Presentation Utilizing a Giant Screen and a Ribbon-Shaped Screen

At the venues, roadside, at live sites. realistic images on large displays delivered excitement to the fans

The newly-developed, high-luminance LED large-screen displays screened many exciting scenes throughout the Games

Incorporation of high-luminance LED made further weight reduction and energy efficiency possible

Delivered inspiring and thrilling scenes to spectators, starting with the opening ceremony

Giant mobile screens presented a whimsical scene during the Opening Ceremony

Large screens totaling a surface area of 644㎡ colored the winter landscape in vivid Images

Permeated excitement far beyond the stadium, to spectators at live sites

Large-Screen Displays Conveyed Important Scenes During the Opening Ceremony and competitions.

A Giant, 100㎡ screen dynamically delivered the excitement and passion of the competition