Vancouver 2010

Technology Solutions to Support the Olympic Games

Technology Solutions to Support the Olympic Games

HD Visual Communication System

Dynamic High-Quality Video and Audio
Connected the Olympic Villages in Vancouver
and Whistler, located 120 km Apart

The Olympic Winter Games Vancouver 2010 was the first to use the HD Visual Communication System. The system allowed for bi-directional transmission of Full HD video and clear audio over the Internet without delay. Panasonic have shrank the distance between the venues with dynamic, real-time communication.

[Main Functions and Features]

  1. Proprietary AV processing technology achieved high-quality image and sound with low latency and bandwidth.
  2. Automatic rate-control technology minimized video glitches and sound disruptions to almost zero.
  3. HDMI cables provided ease of connectivity with full high-definition television (Full HDTV) and video cameras.
Scenes from the Vancouver 2010

The Panasonic Professional Lineup

Large-Screen Display System

Broadcasting Equipment

Professional Projector

HD Visual Communication System

AV Security Equipment System