Young Change Makers +(YCM+)

Collaborations of Panasonic and YCM+programme

The concept of young change maker program go very well with Panasonic’s original CSR programme, “Kid Witness News programme”, which aims to stimulate Children's creativity, build communication skills, and encourage teamwork through video production on variety of social topics.

In May 2017, Panasonic organized the first joint event between the YCM+ Programme and the KWN Programme in Prague, Czech Republic. Lucie Tuzova, a Young Change Maker from the Czech Republic, some Youth Olympians as well as sports-psychologists, organized a workshop that inspires young people to chase their dream. The students participating in the KWN Programme got to film this event as well as the Czech women's youth ice hockey team, who won the silver medal at Youth Olympic Games Lillehammer 2016.

Photo: Group shot of Eric (YCM Canada) with Japanese Students
Photo: Group shot of Mothusi (YCM Botswana) with Japanese Students

Another collaboration was with Eric Mitchell from Canada and Mothusi Ramaabya from Botswana who visited high schools in Japan to give special workshop about sports and dreams which inspired the Japanese students. The two participated in the video making process by the students, under the sharing the dream 2020 project*, in which students produce video of them cheering for teams participating in Tokyo 2020 Games, this time for team Canada and Botswana.

Sharing The Dream 2020 (This site is only available in Japanese.)
*Sharing the dream 2020 is one of the official programme recognized by the Tokyo 2020 Organizing Committee

During the PyeongChang 2018 season, as part of the another educational programme “World Friend ship Programme ”, Kim Dahye, a young change maker from Korea gave from Pyeong Chang online video workshop to middle school students who listened to her inspiring talk from Japan about chasing dream and never giving up. She also shared her own Korean culture and the excitement in Korea for the coming PyeongChang 2018 Winter Games which surely motivated the students for the Tokyo 2020 Games coming in two years time.…