CS Planning Office

As an Expert in CS Activities, the CS Planning Office Supports High Level Standardization of Operations at the CS Departments of Panasonic Group Companies.

As representatives of the Panasonic Group's customer satisfaction (CS) organizations, we serve as the window for consumer administration and industrial organizations, resolve social issues, and contribute to the Panasonic Group's business operations through the receipt of policies from administrative agencies, and disseminate policies and measures across the Panasonic Group. In addition, we facilitate collaboration among operating companies of the Panasonic Group, and support the implementation of customer-oriented management by sharing information about advanced initiatives and addressing shared issues.

Features of Our Services

  1. Specialists serve as a window for consumer administration and consumer-related organizations.
  2. Ensure group-wide CS governance and compliance.
    (Management of Panasonic Group operational rules on customer services, etc.)
  3. Support customer-oriented management.
    (Support the acquisition of relevant qualifications, hold events for establishing a corporate culture, etc.)
  4. Manage group-wide common infrastructures (CS community sites, common equipment, etc.)
  5. Minimize risks by maintaining risk communication with relevant sectors.
  6. Develop human resources by holding CS mindset training tailored to job ranks.

Service List

  • CS governance services
  • Services for resolving group-wide CS issues and establishing a CS corporate culture
  • Services for high-level CS standardization