Photo of KX-DT346X


Specifications LCD 24digits x 3 lines Graphic
LCD Backlight Yes
LCD Contrast Control 4 levels
Handset/SP-phone Volume Control H/S:4,SP:12
Ringer Volume Control Electrical Vol.*3 (H-M-L-UL-OFF)
Message/Ringer Lamp Yes*2
Whisper OHCA Yes
D-XDP Yes*4
Headset Jack (Ø2.5mm) Yes
Auto Redial Yes
Off-Hook Monitor Yes
Handset/Headset Mic Mute Yes
Speaker Phone Mic Mute Yes
Phone Directory Yes
Feature Access Yes
(Out-going) Call Log Yes
(In-coming) Call Log Yes
Melody Ringer 10 titles
Option Unit Connention KX-DT301 USB Module Yes
KX-NT303 Add-on 12 Key Module Yes
KX-NT307 Bluetooth® Module Yes
KX-DT390 60 DSS Console Yes
NOTE *1 Single colored LED (Green is INTERCOM, Red is others.)
*2 Dual-colored LED (Green & Red)
*3 20 ring types and 10 melodies are available.
*4 When connected KX-NT307, DT301. D-XDP can not be used.