Photo of KX-TS580MX
General Number of Line 1
Redial Memory 20-Station
One Touch Redial Last One
Phonebook Name Input English (50 Entries)
Pulse / Tone Setting Programmable
Pulse / Tone Default Tone
Flash Time Programmable
Flash Time Default 600 ms
Insertable Pause 3.5 s
Ringer Volume Off / Low / High
Speakerphone Volume 8-Step
Handset Receiver Volume 4-Step
Call Restriction Programmable (0 or Up to 2 digits)
LCD Dot x 16 digits 7-Seg x 8 digits + Pict
LCD Language (Menu Selection) English only
LCD Contrast 4-Step
Caller ID Signal FSK&DTMF
Private Name Display (Required Registration in Phonebook)
Caller ID Memory 50-Station
Others Power Source 3 x AA and Line
Dimensions W x D x H (mm) 196 x 190 x 95
Weight (g) 685