Photo of DP-8060
General Type Semi Console
Copy/ Print Process Laser Indirect Electrostatic
Developing Process Dry Dual Component
Automatic Document Feeder 70 Sheets (A4, 80 g/m2)
Paper Feed Std. 1,550(Large-capacity tray) + 550-sheet paper tray unit + 50-sheet bypass
Max. 6,250 sheets with option
Paper Weight Paper Tray: 60 to 90 g/m
Bypass: 55 to 130 g/m2
Security Network User Authentication Supported Protocols (SMTP, LDAP, NTLM)
Supported Models (Copy, Scan, Email, Print, Fax)
Data Security HDD Overwrite
Memory Erasure
Fax Memory Erasure
System Hard Disk (Option) 40 GB (Shared)
Power Requirements AC 220~240 V, 50/60 Hz, 6.5A
Power Consumption Max: Less than 1.45kW
Power saver mode: Approx. 180 W
Sleep Mode: Approx. 20 W
Warm-up Time (20° C) Approx. 180 sec. (Main power switch ON)
Dimension (W x D x H)sup*1 (Excluding optional equipment/sup 600 x 757 x 900 mm
Including Automatic Documnent Feeder and ADF mounting bracket)
Weight sup(Excluding optional equipment)*1)/sup Approx. 138 Kg
Printer Network Printer Interface Ethernet 108Base-T/100Base-TX, Bi-directional Parallel (IEEE1284)
Communication Protocol TCP/IP (LPD,[Port9100/RAW], SNMP, DHCP)
IPX/SPX*2 (NDS, Bindery, NDPS) AppleTalk (PS), IPP (PCL, PS)
Printer Language (Standard) Panasonic Printing System for Windows®
Printer Language (Option) PCL 5e Emulation*3, PCL 6 Emulation *3
Adobe® PostScript®3™*4
Printing Speedsup*5/sup up to 60 ppm
Paper Size Paper Tray A3 - A5
Bypass A3-A5
Printing Resolution 1,200 dpi equalivent x 600 dpi (PCL, PSI, 600 dpi x 600 dpi (PCL,PS,GDI)
Printer Memory 50 MB + 6 GB for Spooling (Optional HDD)
Compatible Client Operating System Windows Vista™*6
MacOS 8.6-10.4 *4 (PS Only)
Compatible Network Operating System Windows®2000, Windows Server®2003, WindowsNT®4.0
Digital Copier First Copy Time Approx. 3.5 sec. (A4)
Resolution Up to 600 dpi
Gray Scale 256 steps
Multi Copy speedsup*5/sup Up to 60 cpm
Maximum Original Size A3
Copy Size A3 - A5 (Fixed)
Copy Ratio Enlargement (fixed)
200 %, 173 %, 141 %, 122 %, 115 %
Reduction (fixed)
87 %, 82 %, 71 %, 58 %, 50 %
Zoom (variable) 25~400 % (in 1 % increments)
Multiple Copy 1 to 999
Exposure Control Text, Text / Photo, Photo
Sort Memory Standard 32 MB (Image Memory)
Optional Base Memory (32 MB)
plus 16 MB*6 / 64 MB*6 / 128 MB*6 (Max. 160 MB) and optional HDD
Network Scanner Network Scanner Interface Ethernet 10Base-T/100Base-TX
Communication Protocol TCP/IP (LPR,FTP)
Maximum Scanning Size A3
Scanning Speedsup*7/sup Approx. 60 opm (Originals per minutes - A4 potrait with ADF
Scanning Resolution 150 dpi x 150 dpi, 300 dpi x 300 dpi, 600 dpi x 600 dpi
Compatible Operating Systems Windows Vista™*6
Data Format TIFF, PDF
G3 Fax (Option) Compatibility ITU-T Group 3, ECM
Modern Speed 33.6 - 2.4 kbps with automatic fallback
Coding Scheme JBIG / MMR / MR / MH
Scanning Speedsup*7/sup Approx. 0.7 sec. (A4 potrait in Standard or Fine mode with ADF)
Transmission speedsup*8/sup Approx. 2.9 sec. (A4)
Scanning Resolution Standard: 8 dots/mm x 3.85lines/mm
Fine: 8 dots/mm x 7.7lines/mm
Super Fine: 16 dots/mm x 15.4 lines/mm
600 dpi: 600dpi x 600 dpi
Maximum Original Size A3
Effective Scanning Width 292 mm
Recording Resolution 600 dpi x 600 dpi
Standard Memorysup*9/sup 3 MB (Approx. 180 pages)
Internet Fax / Scan-to-Emailsup*10/sup Compatibility (Internet Fax) IETF RFC 3965, ITU-T T.37
Communication Protocol TCP/IP (SMTP, POP3, LDAP*12)
Network Connectivity Ethernet 10Base-T/100Base-TX
Data Format TIFF-FX (Profile S/F/J), PDF*13
NOTE *1 Dimensions and weight are approximate.
*2 Compatible with Novell Netware® 3/4/5/6 and Novell Directory Service® 4/5/6.
*3 Printer Controller Module or Multi-Page Description Language Controller Module option required.
*4 Multi-Page Description Language Controller Module option required.
*5 Speeds are contigent upon application, machine configuration, and status. Individual speeds may vary.
*6 For the latest information on Windows Vista™ and Panasonic&s MFP products, please visit the following web site:
*7 May not be available on certain destination.
*8 Scanning speed applies to all feeding process from the top to the end of a single page test chart. The time for the feeding process does not include the time that it takes for the top edge of the page to reach the scanning point and page ejection. Time for entire storing process is not applied.
*9 Transmission time applies to memory transmission of text data using only ITU-T Image No.1 between the same models at maximum modern speed. Transmission time may vary in actual usage. Usually public telephone lines can only support communication speeds of 28.8 Kbps or lower. Via PBX, transmission speed may fall back to a lower speed.
*10 Based on ITU-T Image No.1 scanned in Standard mode.
*11 Depending on the receiving machines capability, the document may not be correctly printed depending on the chosen resolution and document size.
*12 This function is not available in certain destinations.
*13 T.37 Internet Fax only supports TIFF format.

Design and specifications are subject to change without notice.