Photo of PT-AE8000EA


General Specifications Power supply 100–240 V AC, 50/60 Hz
Power consumption 310 W (0.08 W in standby mode)
LCD*sup1/sup panel Panel size 18.7 mm (0.74 in) diagonal (16:9 aspect ratio)
Display method Transparent LCD panel (× 3, R/G/B)
Drive method Active matrix
Pixels 2,073,600 (1,920 × 1,080) × 3, total of 6,220,800 pixels
Lamp*sup2/sup panel 220 W UHM lamp (The lamp replacement cycle is up to 4,000 hours (lamp power: NORMAL) / 5,000 hours (lamp power: ECO)*3)
Lens Powered zoom (2.0x) / focus lenses (1.35:1–2.70:1), F 1.9–3.2, f 22.4–44.8 mm
Projection size (diagonal) 2D projection 1.02–7.62 m (40–300 inches)
3D projection 1.02–5.08 m (40–200 inches)
Throw distance 2D projection 1.16–18.08 m (3 ft 10 in to 59 ft 4 in)
3D projection 1.16–12.0 m (3 ft 10 in to 39 ft 4 in)
Colors Full color (1,073,741,824 colors)
Brightness*sup4/sup 2,400 lm*5
Center-to-corner uniformity ratio*sup4/sup 85%
Contrast ratio*sup4/sup 500,000:1*6 (full on/full off)
Resolution 1,920 × 1,080 pixels
Scanning frequency HDMI 480p, 576p, 720/60p, 720/50p, 1080/60p, 1080/50p, 1080/60i, 1080/50i, 1080/24p
RGB fH: 15 kHz–74 kHz, fV: 24 Hz–85 Hz, dot clock: 154 MHz or lower
YPsubB/subPsubR/sub (YCsubB/subCsubR/sub) 525i (480i): fH 15.7 kHz; fV 59.9 Hz, 525p (480p): fH 31.5 kHz; fV 59.9 Hz, 750 (720)/60p: fH 45.0 kHz; fV 60.0 Hz, 1125 (1080)/60i: fH 33.8 kHz; fV 60.0 Hz, 1125 (1080)/24p: fH 27.0 kHz; fV 24.0 Hz, 1125 (1080)/50p: fH 56.3 kHz; fV 50.0 Hz 625i (576i): fH 15.6 kHz; fV 50.0 Hz, 625p (576p): fH 31.3 kHz; fV 50.0 Hz, 750 (720)/50p: fH 37.5 kHz; fV 50.0 Hz, 1125 (1080)/50i: fH 28.1 kHz; fV 50.0 Hz, 1125 (1080)/60p: fH 67.5 kHz; fV 60.0 Hz,
Video/S-Video fH : 15.7 kHz, fV: 59.9 Hz [NTSC/NTSC4.43/PAL-M/PAL60] fH : 15.6 kHz, fV: 50.0 Hz [PAL/PAL-N/SECAM]
Optical axis shift*sup7/sup Vertical: ±100%, horizontal: ±26%
Keystone correction range Vertical: approx. ±30°
Installation Ceiling/desk, front/rear (menu selection)
On-screen menu languages English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Korean, Russian, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Polish, Czech, Hungarian, Portuguese, Thai, Japanese
Terminals HDMI IN HDMI connector × 3, HDMI (Deep Color, x.v.Color™,*9 CEC*10), HDCP compliant, supports HDAVI Control Version 5
COMPUTER (RGB) IN D-sub HD 15-pin (female) × 1 (RGB/YPBPR/YCBCR × 1)
TRIGGER IN / TRIGGER OUT / 3D SHUTTER OUT M3 × 2 (operate as 3D IR transmitter connectors) (input/output/3D shutter output selectable using on-screen menu)
VIDEO IN RCA pin × 1
S-VIDEO IN Mini DIN 4-pin × 1
SERIAL IN D-sub 9-pin × 1 for external control (RS-232C compliant)
Power cord length 3.0 m (9 ft 10 in)
Cabinet materials Molded plastic (PC+ABS)
Dimensions (W × H × D) 48 × 138 × 28.3 mm (1-7/8˝ × 5-7/16˝ × 1-1/8˝)
Weight*sup12/sup Approx. 8.7 kg (19.2 lbs)
Operation noise*sup4/sup 22 dB (lamp power: ECO)
Operating temperature 0°–40°C (32°–104°F)*13
Operating humidity 20%–80% (no condensation)
Remote control unit Power supply 3 V DC (AA/R6 type battery × 2)
Operation range*sup14/sup Approx. 7 m (23 ft) when operated from directly in front of the signal receptor
Weight Approx. 125 g (4.4 oz) (including batteries)
Supplied accessories Power cord (× 1) (× 2 for PT-AE7000EA) Wireless remote control unit (× 1) Batteries for remote control (AA/R6 type × 2) Lens cover (× 1)
Optional accessories Replacement lamp unit ET-LAA410
Ceiling mount bracket ET-PKA110H (for high ceilings) ET-PKA110S (for low ceilings)
3D IR transmitter ET-TRM110
3D Eyewear TY-EW3D3M*15
NOTE *1 The projector uses a type of liquid crystal panel that typically consists of millions of pixels. This panel is built with very high-precision technology to provide the finest possible image. Occasionally, a few pixels may remain turned on (bright) or turned off (dark). Please note that this is an intrinsic characteristic of the manufacturing technology that affects all products using LCD technology.
*2 The projector uses a high-voltage mercury lamp that contains high internal pressure. This lamp may break, emitting a large sound, or fail to illuminate, due to impact or extended use. The length of time that it takes for the lamp to break or fail to illuminate varies greatly depending on individual lamp characteristics and usage conditions.
*3 The values above are maximum values when they are used in cycles of being turned on for 2 hours and off for 0.25 hours. When the lamps are turned on and off more frequently, the lamp replacement cycle is shortened. The usage environment affects the lamp replacement cycle.
*4 Measurement, measuring conditions, and method of notation all comply with ISO 21118 international standards.
*5.In dynamic mode, with dynamic iris on.
*6.In cinema 1 mode, with dynamic iris on.
*7.Shift range is limited during simultaneous horizontal and vertical shifting.
*8.When a 3D signal is being input or when a 2D signal is converted to 3D, the keystone correction does not function.
*9.Effective in Rec. 709 picture mode.
*10.CEC is an abbreviation for Consumer Electronics Control. Operation may not be possible with some connected equipment or settings.
*11.With legs at shortest position.
*12.Average value. May differ depending on models.
*13.When [HIGH ALTITUDE MODE] is set to [ON]: 0°C – 35°C (32°F–95°F)
*14.Operation range differs depending on environments.
*15.If you do not have a Panasonic 3D TV that supports 3D video, use a charger that has a USB2.0 port for charging your Eyewear.
The recommended charger is Apple USB Power Adapter for iPhone. The code that follows KBC-L2 may differ depending on the country of purchase.
The code at the end of the model number of 3D Eyewear may differ depending on the country of purchase.