Signedge CMS Software Signedgesoftware

Signedge CMS Software Signedgesoftware

What is Digital SignEdge- Digital signage systems deliver customized media playlists to one or more digital screens, enabling a network manager to display targeted information to a specific audience at a specific place and time. Relative to traditional signs, digital signage messages can be easily customized, changed out quickly and inexpensively and delivered to many displays at once. Digital signage is often used to present a custom-tailored content mix, including product promotions, timely news, and upcoming events. Digital signs are used in a wide variety of applications ranging from targeted retail advertising to internal employee communications and remote training.

Why Panasonic-

Panasonic provides a complete solution to achieve your business objectives with complete efficiency and ease. With world- class hardware, software and installation along with amazing user experience. Our support team is spread over 234 authorized service centres to help you with your queries.

Panasonic Digital SignEdge solution help you display your advertisement in the most effective & Impressive manner,24/7, with the touch of your fingertip.

Software Features-

  1. Web based Application - Web interface without installing any software from any remote or central location. You can access it using mobile and tablet browser also.
  2. Multi Regions/Zones- Divide your screen the way you want in to as many regions as required & populate images, videos etc in these regions using drag-and-drop interface.
  3. Content Support: Supports playback of most media formats- Video, Images, URLs, Streaming URLs, Facebook, Twitter, RSS, Ticker, HTML etc.
  4. Display Modes & Resolution- Supports custom resolution in order to run any custom resolution content on video walls or active LEDs Displays
  5. Smart Download- Resume downloads in case of connectivity issues. Bigger files are divided in smaller chunks for transfer. In case of connectivity issues only the last chunk is lost
  6. Play Multiple Screens in Sync and Time Syncing- Ability to play content in sync across multiple screens. Software automatically checks the lag and adjusts itself to get in sync with other screens. Each player keeps its system time in sync with server (Customization)
  7. Remote Player Management- Software updates and patches can be remotely sent from the central server to the media players
  8. Reporting, Logs & Audit Trail- Proof-of-play, Display UP/Down Report, User Activity, bandwidth Uses, content Download status