Photo of YD-500RX1


Technical Specifications YD-500RX1
INPUT Voltage 415, +10%, -20% Volts.
Phase/Freq. 3ph/50-60 No./Hz
@100% Duty cycle 23.1/22.2 KVA/KW
OUTPUT Rated Current Range 60-550 Amps
Rated Output Range 17-41.5 Volts
@100% Duty cycle 500 Amps
GENERAL Power Control Method IGBT Inverter Controlled
Digital Display 4 Digit-7 segment LED Display
Wave from Control Digitally Controlled Waveform
Welding Sequence a. Main welding
b. Main welding-crater
(Crater repeat is available)
c. Main welding-crater
(Crater repeat is available)
Ingress Protection IP 23 Class
Insulation H Type
Cooling Forced air cooling
Power Factor > 0.9 Degree C
Operating Temperature -10 to 50
Dimensions (LxBxH) 54.5x38x63.5 cm
Weight 60 Kg
WIRE FEEDER Rated Welding Current 500 Amps
Applicable wire diameter 0.12 cm, 0.16cm
Cable Length 1.8 m (gas hose 4.8 m)
Weight 10.5 Kg
Wire Feed Speed 5.3-20.1 Meter/ Minute
Duty Cycle 60%
WELDING TORCH Rated welding current 450 Amps
Duty Cycle 10 Min. Cycle 450 Amps, 60%(C02)
450 Amps, 35% (C02 + Ar)
Continuous 370 Amps, 100% (C02)
270 Amps, 100% (C02 + Ar)
Applicable Wire Diameter 0.12 cm, 0.16cm
Cable Length 3 Meter
Weight (Incl. Cable) 3.6 Kg
Ordering Information Power Source YD-500RXIDJF
Wire Feeder YW-50KB3DRO
Welding Torch YT-50CS4HDAF
Remote Management Controller TSMYU290
NOTE Wire feeder available in standard lenghts of 1.8 mtrs, 5 mtrs, 10 mtrs, 15 mtrs and 20 mtrs.