5 Tips to Be Summer Ready with Your Split or Window AC

5 tips to be summer ready with your AC

5 tips to be summer ready with your AC

Before you unpack those flip flops and shorts, make sure that your house is in line with the summers. We all know, summers are soon going to scurf our necks and shower its heat all over. But are we prepared to fight it back?

If not, then it’s time! We all want our air conditioners to work their cooling magic not only once but every time we feel hot. So, to make your home summer-ready, here are some tips for your Air Conditioners-

1. Replace or Clean your filters

Replace or Clean your filters

Crucial, cost-effective and easy. The first step is all about freeing your window or split air conditioner from the accumulated dirt on its filters. Ideally, this should be practiced after every 2-3 months or more frequently, if you have pets. Replacing air filters helps with the free air flow of your air conditioner.

2. Clean the outdoor unit

Clean the outdoor unit

The area around your air conditioner’s outdoor unit should be clean and dirt-free, for efficient cooling. Leaves, debris or any other kind of dirt should be cleaned immediately. One should keep a check on the outdoor unit’s hygiene to make the air conditioner work effectively.

3. Clean the condenser coils

It’s time to bring your coil brushes to work! Condenser coils are generally located outside and are caged with a grille. Use your coil brush to remove the dirt and debris from these grilles. Anything that obstructs the flow of air will cut down the condenser’s efficiency, so these coils should be cleaned at the beginning of every cooling season, if they are clogged.

4. Check the insulation

The back of your AC unit has coolant lines connecting to your home. These lines have insulation on them. In case it’s missing, peeled off, cracked or frayed, you should call your service agent.

5. Call up your service agent

Call up your service agent

If you’ve followed the steps mentioned above, you’ve done your bit. Calling up your service agent is a very crucial step. They will fully clean the air conditioners, including the coils, fan, condenser, compressor, indoor air handler, etc. Apart from the hygiene, they also check for any problems in the air conditioner. This helps increase the life of your device as the problems, if any, can be rectified on the spot. Overall, servicing helps the air conditioner to work efficiently with adequate cooling. If you have a MirAIe-enabled Panasonic Air Conditioner, you can request a service through the MirAIeplatform on your smartphone. The app will notify you when to service your air conditioner and also lets you book the service with a single click.

Make sure your AC is turned off before performing any of the above mentioned steps. The above steps work for both, your split AC as well as window AC. Although servicing an AC is very important and a yearly task, one should invest thoughtfully before buying an AC too. A bad AC might result in spending more money on servicing than usage. To choose from the best, you may check out our wide range of Air Conditioners, which come with a plethora of features and modern day technologies. So, get set to Meet the Future with Panasonic!