Photo of LC18UKY
Cleaner Air nanoe-G No
PM2.5 Twin Filter Yes
Catechin Filter Yes
Air Purification Mode No
Odour- Removing Function No
Removable,Washable Panel No
Clean Mode No
Comfort iAuto-X No
iAuto No
ECONAVI Dual Sensor No
Inverter No
Quiet Mode No
Powerful Mode No
Soft Dry Operation mode No
Wide & long air flow vane No
Personal Airflow Creation No
Airflow Direction Control (Up and Down) Yes
Manual Horizontal Airflow Direction Control Yes
Automatic Operation Mode (Cooling) Yes
Temperature Indicator(Hidden Display in NS/WS Series only) No
Inverter Power Display No
Sleep Mode Yes
Hot Start Control No
Eco Mode No
Convenience 24 Hour Dual ON & OFF Real Setting Timer No
24 Hour ON & OFF Real Timer No
12 Hours ON/OFF Yes
LCD Wireless remote controller Yes
Reliability Blue Fin Condenser Yes
Micro Channel Condenser No
Long piping (Number Indicate the maximum pipe length) 15 m
Self Diagnostic Function No
Designed for 52˚C Outdoor Temperature No
Eco Tough Casing (Superdyma) Yes