Birth of High-Resolution Models


Birth of High-Resolution Models


Headphone Introduction Background

Panasonic started developing high-quality headphones in 2010, focusing on a higher-quality driver and controlling vibrations in the housing.

Distinguishing HD10/HD5 Markets

Since the HD10 were our first hi-res headphones, they were
developed by integrating top-class technologies. The HD5 were
developed with an outdoor image, but we didn't compromise on true
hi-fi sound quality.

The Panasonic Sound Goal

A sound that is so natural, the listener might forget that he or she is
wearing headphones. To express the atmosphere and silent
moments, we raised the resolution as high as we possibly could.

What were the main points in the planning stage?

We had all of the developers insist on the best in technology, engineering, and design.
The role of product planning is to integrate the developers' ideas and technologies into a product. In order to create the best possible product, we asked the developers to do nearly impossible things, and encouraged them to pour their passion into the development.

Future Product Development Goals

Evaluation points include function, sound quality, design, product quality, and cost-performance. I want to put Panasonic headphones solidly in the No. 1 rank for each.

A Comment to the Readers

If you like the HD Series, please try our other products to experience their high-quality sounds. You'll find value that far exceeds the price.

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