Sounds That Express the Performer's Feelings


Sounds That Express the Performer's Feelings


The Panasonic Aim for Sound

We were aiming for a neutral sound quality. High-res sound sources contain from 3 to 8 times the data of a CD.
To reproduce them the diaphragm has to be vibrated precisely, and unnecessary vibrations have to be cut.

Key Sound Quality Technologies

Good headphone sound requires precise air vibration and no
unnecessary vibrations. We developed the driver unit and driver
frame to achieve this. Hardness and lightness are needed to
precisely vibrate the diaphragm. The diaphragm material also
affects sound quality, so we tested many different materials.
We decided on a Multi Layer Film (MLF) for the HD10 diaphragm.

The MLF does not have strong acoustic traits, and produces
minimal reverberation, for live performance sounds.An Anti
Vibration Frame supports the new driver unit. A zero-base concept
reduces vibrations. We also teamed up with a resin manufacturer
to develop a new poly-lactic acid resin. Then we positioned frame
ribs at unequal intervals to further suppress vibration.


We worked to raise the HD5 sound quality while keeping the price
down. The HD5 diaphragm is 40 mm, but to attain a frequency
band of 4 Hz to 40 kHz, we used the Anti-Vibration Frame and
three sound ports. A sound-absorbing material was applied to
suppress vibrations and noise. This gave us ideal sound quality for
high-res sound reproduction.

Finishing Touches for Desired Sound

Acoustic tuning consisted of repeated adjustments and listening
sessions, including opinions from musicians.

Closing Comments to Audio Fans

In addition to high-res sound, users can enjoy their CDs and MP3s
with these new headphones. The HD Series gives you a whole new
world of musical enjoyment.

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