Ultimate Design


Ultimate Design


The HD Series Design Concept

Fascinating High Resolution

The design concept is Fascinating High Resolution. The MLF
diaphragm uses a remarkable material. When it‘s placed on a
white plate, there’s no change, but when it‘s placed on a black
plate, it has an iridescent effect. In order to take advantage of the
beauty of the MLF material, we made it visible through the
headphone housing, and made other audio parts black.

A Simple Design to Accentuate the
Iridescent Diaphragm

To express the high resolution in the headphones and head band,
we examined many prototypes, but we ended up with a simple
diaphragm-based design, and a unified black theme that
emphasises the diaphragm.

Pursuit of the Ultimate Fit

Horizontal Slide Adjustment

We wanted users to barely feel the headphones. Based on
ergonomics, we optimised the angle, shape, size and head
dimensions for the head band, housing, and driver. Maintaining air
tightness, the head band can be adjusted back and forth for a
comfortable fit and an excellent, high-res sound.

3D Ergonomics Ear Pad (HD10)

We increased the air tightness of the ear pads by matching the
shape to the indented part behind the ears and the part where the
head begins to narrow at the top of the ears. Only a few
companies can achieve this design.

HD10 and HD5 Design Differences

The HD5 concept is just like the HD10: Fascinating High Resolution
and Pursuit of the Ultimate Fit. Similar materials are used, and the
same HS Adjustment function is provided. However, the HD5 are
designed for outdoor use, so they have a closer fit, and are lighter
and more compact.

A Comment to the Readers

Thanks to their simple design and unique accents, these
headphones look new for a long time. Panasonic quality is seen in
their design, in the overall product, and in their durability. Please try
them out.

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