LUMIX Ambassadors

LUMIX Ambassadors

Rob Knight

| CITY | Atlanta, Georgia | COUNTRY | United States

 “My students are as excited as I am about hybrid photography. I’m having fun showing them how video can support their still photography and add another layer of creativity and storytelling to their images.”

Rob Knight has been a professional artist for over twenty-five years. He’s been a photographer for more than half of that time and an educator since 2010. Rob is a two-time Photoshop Guru finalist and an Adobe Certified Expert in Photoshop Lightroom. From the mountains of his home state of Georgia to the rain forests of Costa Rica, Rob loves to chase beautiful light and help other photographers make great images. Rob’s current work includes shooting video along with still images to create hybrid eScapes, and he enjoys sharing the process with his workshop participants.

Style of Photography/Videography

 |  Nature |  Architecture |  Wildlife |  Sport |  People |  Fashion |  Travel |  Macro |  Documentary |  Commercial |