Panasonic Air Conditioners

Panasonic Air Conditioners

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• No 1 AC in Japan

Panasonic Air Conditioners
Panasonic Air Conditioners


Title: INSPECTION - Offense and Defense Room Air Conditioner

Heading: 3rd place Mitsubishi Electric, is on the up by new model


According to Japan Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Industry Association, the number of Room Air Conditioner shipped domestically in Japan FY2016 was 8,528,000units which is up 4.4% from the previous year. Number of housing starts was increased, the demand is rising in Cold region of Japan because Air Conditioners are improved its performance. For that reason, the number of shipment remained strong.

Although there is no change of each maker’s position for the market share according to the inspection of Nikkei, Mitsubishi Electric increased its market share and is chasing up with 2nd position Daikin.

1st position Panasonic and 2nd position Daikin gained same market share as previous year and the order was also same.

Panasonic added new function based on new technology, which different temperature winds are blown for each person in the room by analyzing body temperatures, to “Eolia”. The new function which could send the suitable temperature winds to each person was strong point and kept the high market share.

Mitsubishi Electric gained 16.2% market share which is 1.1 points up from previous year and was 3rd position. The colors of red and gold were adopted for Air Conditioners which many are white color. The edged square design and luxury Glossy finish were also adopted. The fan was increased because the design fits the room as one of interior, and closed the gap between Daikin and Mitsubishi.

4th position Johnson Controls – Hitachi Air Conditioning was 15.2% market share and 0.3 points up from previous year. AI recognize each person individually from clothes and silhouette of the person through the camera. To measure the length of being in the room, multiple air flows are made according to the prediction of each person’s body temperature change.

Fujitsu General was 5th position and gained 10.5% market share. Nocria GN series for cold region of Japan was selling well. 

* Disclaimer: “The original text is in Japanese language published in Nikkei Sangyo Shimbun dated 04/08/2017. The translation in English is only for your ready reference, and accordingly any discrepancies or differences created in the translation are not binding and have no legal effect for compliance or enforcement purposes.”(Source :

Energy Saving/Saves Electricity

TWIN cool inverter compressor works on variable speed rotary motor with wider rotational frequency, Based on internal test between 5 Star inverter & 3 Star fixed speed room Air Conditioner. Individual test may vary.

 Faster Cooling (Aero Wings)

New AEROWINGS features twin flaps (Outer & Inner) that gives more control over direction & distance of airflow with respect to conventional room air conditioner. Individual test may vary.

With AEROWINGS feature cool air can reach at farthest corner of the room. It compresses & concentrates airflow to a narrow area to cool down faster.

 Faster Cooling (Powerful mode)

Powerful mode provides faster cooling by driving the indoor fan at super high speed and compressor at highest rpm for 60 minutes. Set temp. will be reduced by 1 deg . Individual test may vary.

 Faster Cooling through XXL outdoor unit

 o Larger heat exchanger for higher cooling along with copper tubing for better efficiency because larger surface area of heat exchanger helps in better heat dissipation. Individual test may vary.

 Twin Cool Inverter

 o Available in selected models of 1.5 TON, 2.0 TON capacities

• nanoe-G (99% Clean Air)

 - 99% removal of PM2.5
 - Basis the certification by a research institute

PM2.5: Cigarette Smoke (as PM2.5)
Effectiveness is measured on 0.3_m-2.5_m (Specific size only)

This removal effect is not proven for all the airborne toxic substances.
All results are based on specific testing conditions and may differ based on environmental factors.
All tests are not demonstrated under actual usage situations.

99% removal of Bacteria, Viruses & Mould (Cleaner Air)

 PM2.5 Filter provides healthy air which is free from dust particles.
 It can remove particles with size as low as PM2.5

 Airborne Removal is certified by external agency.

All results are based on specific testing conditions and may differ based on environmental factors.
All tests are not demonstrated under actual usage situation

* 10 year warranty on selected inverter compressor

Refer Detailed Warranty terms & condition

* Ecotough

5 year warranty on Eco Tough outdoor Casing for details Warranty terms & conditions

Finance Offer T & C

Panasonic-ICICI Bank-10% Cash Back Offer

10% Cash back on all Panasonic Products
 Cashback offer available only on card swipe under Brand EMI option on Pinelabs / Plutus POS terminal.
 Cash Back up to 3000/- per Transaction
On Minimum 8000/- per Transaction
Maximum 2 EMI transactions per card per month are eligible for cashback during the offer period
 Offer Period: 1st July’19- 31st July’19
 Applicable tenures: 3, 6 & 9Months (Model based)
 Scheme will run on CIB Model i.e Customer interest bearing model

 Panasonic-HDFC Bank-10% Cash Back Offer

10% Cash back on all Panasonic Products / SKU's
 Cash Back up to 3,000/- per transaction
Offer Valid across all the form factors ie. CC EMI, DC EMI, CD Loans(Paper Finance)
 Maximum 2 EMI transactions per card per month are eligible for cashback during the offer period
Cashback offer available only on card swipe under Brand EMI option on Pine labs / Plutus POS terminal
 On Minimum Transaction of INR 15,000/-
Offer Period: 1st July’19 to 31st July 19
 Applicable tenures: 3, 6 & 9 Months (Model based) for cards
Applicable across all the tenors where No Extra Cost EMI Schemes are live for CD Loans Cash back posting to be done within 90 days from the offer end date.
 Scheme will run on CIB Model i.e customer interest bearing model.

No Cost EMI:

EMI will vary from model to model. 

* Installation Offer @ Rs.699/- Plus tax

Models Applicable –Inverter Split AC Models.
Available on Selected stores
 This is a limited period offer.
 Valid from 1st Jul , 2019 to 31st Jul 2019 only
 This installation scheme is not valid on Window AC & Fixed Speed AC.


• Any Institutional/ Online/ B2B/ Corporate Sales from any trade partner are not covered under this offer.
• NOT valid for any installation done directly by the trade partner (However, parties which have been authorised by Panasonic as Econ Shoppe & having their own service set up will be authorised separately for Fixed Speed Split & Inverter AC installations.)
• If additional Copper Piping/Drain Pipe/Power Cable above the standard length is required, then the same will be provided at a cost to the customer.
• If Outdoor unit needs to be mounted on wall then additional Outdoor Bracket will be provided on chargeable basis.
• Any other fitting fixture that the customer desires would be fixed on chargeable basis.
• Drilling (Core Cutting) or making hole in Roof & RCC for passage of installation piping to be arranged by the customer.
• Glass Cutting or making hole in Glass for passage of Installation Piping is to be arranged by the Customer.
• For any additional work (other than those stated above) customer has to pay extra money based on site condition.
• For Fixed Speed Split AC Units Installation outside the municipal units of the Company or Authorised Dealer’s Service Centre, all expenses incurred during conveyance will be borne by and payable by the customer

1) AC: Free ODU stand – Terms & Conditions

Scheme – Free ODU stand (Outdoor units stand) worth Rs 999/-.
This scheme is valid on AC purchased from 1st Jul ’19 to 31st jul ’19 from Exclusive Channel (Brand shop, Econ Shoppe, P4) only.
• The customer can avail the free ODU stand benefit only if the customer registers the installation request within 30 days of invoice.
• This is valid for all split AC models (Inverter +Fixed).
• Invoice should carry Serial number of AC.
• Only indoor unit serial number to be entered.
• Invoice copy should be GST compliant.
• Each claim will be verified against the serial number sold to respective Brand shop against the billing.
• Panasonic Pay during regular monthly payment to ASC after validation by Service team.