Life at Panasonic Vietnam

Our employees enjoy a well balanced lifestyle whereby work and family time is equally maximized. There is never a dull moment at Panasonic. Read on if you are interested to find our how we work and play in Panasonic.

Why join Panasonic – Panasonic Vietnam

Why join Panasonic – Panasonic Vietnam

Panasonic is a forward-looking organisation with enlightened human-resource practices and policies. It is a company brimming with opportunities to unleash the fullest potential of every staff member. We have created an environment that encourages bonding and camaraderie among us. This is what makes Panasonic the place where everyone is rewarded with an exciting and personally enriching career.
Our compensation and benefits strategy is simple: we recognise effort and performance and reward unstintingly. We work with cutting-edge technology in a cohesive work environment where a competitive remuneration package awaits.
We are committed to personal and professional development and fulfillment, and provide the right mix of on- and off-the-job training for career advancement.
Panasonic places people foremost in all its dealings. Thus, our benefit programmes ensure that every staff member is taken care of personally, financially and professionally.

Hear from Employees

While each of us is an individual, with our own unique character, we do share certain similar qualities. Learn more about the people who make up Panasonic here. Do you possess these common qualities that make up our team?

Vuong Thi Van Anh Customer Care Manager Service Department Panasonic Sales Vietnam

Vuong Thi Van Anh
Customer Care Manager
Service Department
Panasonic Sales Vietnam

Started as a Call Center member of Panasonic Sales Vietnam from August 2008, I have been experienced a wonderful working atmosphere and teamwork spirit. Our daily work is to handle end user’s requests aimed at satisfying their demands or just simply provide information related to Panasonic Products and Services. Of course, every job has it own pressure Sometimes we meet a very special situation which is could not be solved by individual. With support of Service members, especially our Department Head, we overcome with a best solution to meet customer’s requirements.

Moreover, we also have chances to join many courses to improve our skills for work such as “Effective Communication skills”, “Presentation Skills”, “Advanced Leadership Development” etc. Not only do these courses help us to act properly at work but they are also useful in our daily life.

Our teamwork is strengthened through company’s activities such as Summer Company Trips, Year End Gala Dinner or Planning Tree – one of our social activities.

Spending most of the week time at work for almost 5 years, I have always been proud to be a member of Panasonic Sales Vietnam and hope to spend more 05-year times here.

Dinh Phu Cuong Assistant Manager Refrigerator Research & Development R&D Center Panasonic Appliances Vietnam Co., Ltd

Dinh Phu Cuong
Assistant Manager
Refrigerator Research & Development
R&D Center
Panasonic Appliances Vietnam Co., Ltd

We have 24 hours each day including 8 hours at night for sleep, 8 hours for daily activities and 8 hours for working at Company. If we feel happy and comfortable during 8 hours at Company, our life is also such happy and comfortable. In my opinion, working environment is vitally important to make us feel happy all day. It is lucky for me to find this environment at R&D Center of Panasonic Appliances Vietnam. Here, most of people around me are very young, nice, brisk and even boss is also friendly and open-minded. In addition to coordination in daily works, we also have cultural, music and sport activities together inside as well as outside company after working hours or at weekend. No matter where or under what circumstances, we are also a united team always willing to help each other. Especially, we often find out new methods to improve daily jobs and make them interesting as well as to bind everybody together.

As one of the first members of R&D Center, I was sent to Japan for training on technical knowledge and working manner with Japanese leading experts in the field of appliances products. Returning to Vietnam when R&D Center just started, I have been witnessing its daily changes with strong belief for a bright future. I am more proud because I can daily devote part of my wisdom to creating “Made in Vietnam” products under Panasonic brand.

I believe you will also be excited to join Panasonic Group in Vietnam. And you will be able to fully develop your creation and passion for technique when you are a member of R&D Center – Panasonic Appliances Vietnam Co., Ltd like me.

Fun at Panasonic

We are equally committed to the work and life balance of our employees. We give each and every employee the space to build and enjoy friendships through activities like department dinner gatherings, family day events and sport tournaments.

Fun at Panasonic
Fun at Panasonic
Fun at Panasonic
Fun at Panasonic