About Us

As a leader in the welding industry, Panasonic Welding Systems Co. Ltd., has been developing products to help realise rationalisation, energy saving, and quality optimisation in welding operations. In the joining and processing field Panasonic Welding Systems Co. Ltd., offers total solutions in equipment, techniques, and software to its customers around the globe by leveraging its digital technology, based on the welding and laser technology accumulated over the years.


The welding machines are made to match the standards of excellence and innovation. Our ARC welding robots, “Tawers” series are the fastest welding robots and thus the first choice of the Automotive Industry.

Empowering India

From 2015-2018, we, along with NPOs, have already trained more than 1500 Welding Trainers under ToT- Training of Trainers initiative. By offering high-quality machines and equipping the trainers with required skills, we are dedicated to make Indian lives better and brilliant.

Service and Support