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Smart Factory Solution

There are many new buzz words, such as Industrial 4.0 or IoT, being introduced in the manufacturing industry nowadays. However many people claim that the concept is understandable but what and how to do concretely is unknown.

SFP: Smart Factory Platform

Panasonic FS Integration Systems proposes SFP: Smart Factory Platform consisting of 5 components, i.e. ①IoT Layer connecting production resource (machine), ②MES: Manufacturing Execution System ’InventoryMaster’, ③Production Scheduler ‘Asprova’, ④Production Management System ‘ProductionMaster’ and ⑤Business Intelligence Tool.

It is recommended to start from the IoT layer compiling of accurate shop-floor related data on real-time manner. According to priority of problem solving or business progress, it is then possible to build up the system architecture by stages. All components communicating each other, like nerve system of human body, enables to visualize the whole factory.

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