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Asprova APS, with more than 2,000 implementation sites worldwide, is designed to have:

  1. High speed scheduling engine with high performance and high flexibility
  2. Easy-to-recognized graphical user interface
  3. Built-in data interface with various external system, such as ERP, MES
  4. Programmable interface as to meet to various requirements from end-user
Exsample figure of operation GUI

Asprova offers the product lineup as to cater to the customer needs.

  1. Asprova APS
    On top of production scheduling, Asprova APS is designed to manage the customer order and the purchase order, resulting to shorten the entire lead-time and to reduce the inventory level.
  2. Asprova MS
    Asprova MS is designed to optimize the short period of production schedule as the standard product.
  3. Asprova MS Light
    Asprova MS Light is a low-price-range product with 6 advanced system functions be removed. Those removed function can be added individually if needed.

There are many modules being available as the Asprova product lineup. Please visit Production Scheduling System Asprova for more information.

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