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InventoryMaster is Manufacturing Execution System (MES) consisting of (1) Inventory Management Module and (2) Production Process Management Module. It is designed to manage from raw material stock-in & out, production processes and finished goods stock-in & out in a consolidated manner.

Module Structure of Inventory Master

1. Inventory Module

Inventory Module is designed to manage Raw Material (Purchase Item) and Finished Goods. It is a unique feature to consolidate ‘goods movement’ and ‘inventory data’ all the time by the system generating the transaction data based on the actual goods movements.

Implementation of Inventory Module aims to improve efficiency of inventory related operation as well as to increase accuracy of inventory related data. First-In-First-Out control is executed based on Raw Material & Finished Goods Lot Number created by the receiving date. The system is also designed to provide the traceability information by linking of raw material lot, production lot and finished goods lot.

[Purchasing Management]

  • P/O Generation
  • Receiving Schedule
  • Receiving & Inspection
  • Barcode Labelling
  • Return Goods

[Inventory Management]

  • Raw Material & Finished Goods Stock-In
  • Inventory Adjustment
  • Raw Material Picking
  • Raw Material Stock-Out
  • Warehouse Transfer
  • Stocktaking

[Shipping Management]

  • Shipping Schedule
  • Shipping Instruction
  • Finished Goods Picking and Stock-Out
  • Sales Return Goods

2. Work-In-Progress Module (WIP)

Work-In-Progress Inventory and Production Status Control Module (WIP) are designed for (1) WIP Stock Management, (2) Production Status Control and (3) Production Related Data Compilation. The module visualizes production shop floor based on the captured data by RF handy terminals located in production shop floor.

(1) WIP Stock Management
WIP Stock Management is for WIP inventory inquiry. Applicable WIP inventory information is extracted by Item codes, Work shop, Job order number and so on.

(2) Production Status Control
Production Status Control is for process progress inquiry on real time basis. Applicable process progress information is extracted by Job order number, Item codes, Work shop and so on. Business Alarm Inquiry enables easy information sharing at exception handling occurrence.

(3) Production Related Data Compilation
This function is to provide the real time production related data, such as Production Start & End Date/Time, Operator ID, Machine No. Production Actual Results (OK & NG) by utilizing RF Handy Terminals with scanning barcodes or touch panel operations. At the occurrence of NG or machine downtime, Defect Code and Resource Downtime Reasons Code can be captured by scanning barcodes.

[Production Management]

  • Job Instruction Generation or Work Instruction Data Import
  • Job Instruction List
  • Production Start/End – via RF Handy Terminal
  • Production Outputs (OK & NG) - via RF Handy Terminal
  • NG Reasons- via RF Handy Terminal
  • Operator Management- via RF Handy Terminal
  • Resource Downtime & Reasons – via RF Handy Terminal

[Production Status Management]

  • Process Status Inquiry
  • Business Alarm Inquiry

[WIP Stock Management]

  • WIP Inventory Inquiry

[Analysis Tools]

  • Production Analysis
  • Resource Operation Status

3. InventoryMaster Implementation Goal

  • Improve Stock Accuracy: Accurate and real time inventory data aim to improve inventory control operations.
  • Fool Proof in Operation:Barcode verification (e.g. Verification of captured data vs. instruction data) prevents occurrence of common human errors in inventory and process management operations.
  • Visualize Shop Floor:Visualization of shop floor can be achieved through timely gathering of production related data, such as start/end time and date, machine information, operator information, production results and defective products information.
  • Business Improvement:Whole business improvement can be promoted by breaking the work operations depending on individual skills through the use of standard work process in the package.
  • Enhance Customer satisfaction:Executing high accurate inventory and process management work can prevent human errors and deliver first class customer service.

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