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・ 01 October 2018 Panasonic FS Integration Systems appoints new members to the Board of Directors

・ 08 May 2017 Notice of Office Moving
With effective from 08 May, 2017, Panasonic FS Integration Systems Co., Ltd. has moved the office. Please feel free to drop in our new office.

Address: 14F Rivarge Shinagawa, 4-1-8, Kounan, Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-0075 Japan
TEL: (03) 5495-7557 FAX: (03) 5495-3700

・ 24 March 2017 News Release
Today Data Collection Systems Japan signed an agreement to be a sibsidiary of Panasonic Factory Solutions Co., Ltd. Please refer to PDF or URL below for the detail information.



Panasonic FS Integration Systems Co., Ltd. organizes seminar series for manufacturing industry focusing on ideal solution for manufacturing plant abroad as the main seminar theme. We are introducing various topics in timely manner, e.g. problem solving method, hint for operation improvement, etc.

Past Seminar Theme:


Risk Management
How to manage material procurement when demand is highly fluctuated?


Ideal System for Manufacturing Plant
Introduction of 3 layers of Business Solution


Key Solution for Shop-floor Improvement & Cost Saving
System Plan endorsed by ROI


Strengthen Genba-ryoku
Utilization of Genba Data for prompt decision in company management


First Step of Visibility: Oracle BI + InventoryMaster™


First Step of Visibility: InventoryMaster™


Business Intelligence: Oracle BI Solution


How to achieve Traceability: InventoryMaster™


ERP System: ORACLE E-Business Suite


Warehouse Management System


e-Procurement System


Supply Chain Management: i2 Technologies Demand Planner


Supply Chain Management: i2 Technologies, Factory Planner

We understand this exciting event is great opportunities and precious experiences to meet valued Japanese Manufacturing Companies Executives. We will make seminar with timely and useful topics and titles for your business. We hope that you will be joining us.


・ 26 May 2017 Announcement of Panasonic-version Smart Factory Seminar Series (Thailand)
It is pleased to announce that the first Smart Factory Seminar on June 22 & 23.

Theme: Great Strategy of Shop-floor Visualization
~how to capture inventory & production related data on real-time basis~
Date & Time: 22 (Thu) and 23 (Fri) June 2017
Same seminar agenda on both days. Please select one day based on your convenient.

The theme of the first seminar is shop-floor visualization. We do believe that its importance is highly recognized, but not many manufacturing company has deployed. In this seminar we would like to introduce the future factory model with high connectivity which is advocated by Panasonic Manufacturing Division.

・ 18 April 2017 Smart Factory Seminar @Penang in Malaysia
Panasonic Factory Solutions Integration Systems Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. (formerly known as Data Collection Systems (M) Sdn. Bhd. could successfully organize 2017 Smart Factory Seminar @Penang, Malaysia.
Thank you very much for your valuable support. We plan to organize the next Manufacturing Seminar @KL.

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