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Aiming to Become a World-Class Intellectual Property Team

Today, with the rapid development of technology, such as AI,
we need intellectual property to compete in the global market.

At Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.,
we have professionals with variety of skills
in prosecution , researches, and licensing of IP rights.

linking the expertise of each field, we will
demonstrate our capabilities of comprehensive
solutions, to create new businesses and
support your growth strongly.

Our goal is to become a world-class IP team.

Delivers performance that exceeds your expectations.

Incorporating Intellectual Property Activities

In order to consolidate and commercialize intellectual property-related operations within the Panasonic Group, Panasonic Intellectual Property Management promotes a wide range of intellectual property operations by utilizing the "trust created between entities belonging to the same Company Group" stipulated in Article 51 of the Trust Business Act of JAPAN.

"Expertise" creating and Increasing the value of Intellectual Property

As a professionals familiar with diverse business and geographic regions, having a variety of know-how related to intellectual property operations from the creation to the utilization of intellectual property, we will provide services that enhance the value of intellectual property and contribute to the maximization of business results.

"Collaboration and integration" capable of optimizing various know-how

Our specialists from a variety of intellectual property operations, as well as from various business and geographic regions, work together to provide optimal intellectual property solutions for business creation, growth, and development.

"Proposal" to connect Intellectual Property to Business

We listening to live on-site information and make the most from it.
We will contribute to the creation of new business models by creating trinity strategies that reflect the realities of our business, technology, and intellectual property.

Group of Intellectual Property Experts demonstrate combined capabilities

We have a diverse range of people with knowledge and know-how on intellectual property. There are patent attorneys, lawyers, and other licensed intellectual property-related personnel, as well as people who are specialized in business, such as MBA graduates and small enterprise management consultants. We have not only Japanese personnel with overseas experience, but also experts with backgrounds in overseas, such as experts from the United States and other Asian countries. In addition, there are many people who have backgroud of sales, innovation, legal and the like, other than intellectual property, or who have careers outside the Panasonic Group. Our collective streanght with these variety of professionals provides strong support for intellectual property businesses.


■Multinational staff from the US, China, and others, and Japanese expats working around the world; ■ Qualified personnel involved in intellectual property-related and business (Patent attorneys and lawyers of Japan, the U.S., and China, certified intellectual property managers, certified intellectual property analysts, MBA holders, small and medium enterprise management consultants, and doctorates) ; ■ Experienced in overseas countries (US, China, Germany, India, etc.) ; ■ Experienced in different fields, etc.

Intellectual Property Supporting Panasonic Business, From Creation to Exploitation

Solution from Panasonic Intellectual Property Management

Panasonic Intellectual Property Management consolidates Panasonic's intellectual property-related operations into one company, to provide one-stop solutions with a high level of expertise. contributing to the creation of new businesses and the strengthening of existing businesses.

Research on technological trends. Support for the formulation of intellectual property strategies based on patent landscape information. Support for the formulation of trademark strategies, including research and management for new businesses brands.

Consulting on the formulation of intellectual property acquisition, utilization, and risk countermeasures strategies based on research analysis.

Support for development of inventions, prior art search, trademark search, domestic and foreign applications.

Support for designing internal systems related to intellectual property rights.  Consulting on management methods for intellectual property owned by the company.

Supporting intellectual property awareness activities, including training for intellectual property staffs, engineers, and managers.

Advice on evaluation and transfer of intellectual property rights.

Research for invaliding evidence (Patent and non-patent literature search), Research for competitor's patents.

Consulting on surveying actual damages from counterfeits, consulting on measures for EC sites, and consulting on preventive measures, lobbying for government agencies.

Technology matching with Panasonic's intellectual property, support for application of subsidies to SMEs, universities, and financial institutions, and support for business creation.

*Some of the solutions that support the formulation of intellectual property strategies, research, analysis and consulting, and the creation of intellectual property businesses also provide services to customers outside the Panasonic Group.

Introduction to our IP Activities

Our company engages in a variety of intellectual property activities, including prosecution and acquisition of intellectual property rights, licensing, and anti-counterfeit consulting.
We use our wealth of knowledge and know-how to lead our business to success.

[CASE. 1] Patent Acquisition
Participate in early development stage and promptly apply for patents

As the only person in charge of intellectual property in the department that develops home electric appliances, I am involved in intellectual property related matter related to all aspect of business activities, mainly in the acquisition of patent rights. In recent years, we have actively participated in meetings from the planning stage of the development of home appliances, and have proposed early patent applications and application strategies to the technology department. One memorable experience is our efforts to obtain patent rights in the United States. At that time, there was a technology that needed a patent to differentiate our products from competitors. To ensure that the technology obtain patents in the United States, I traveled to the United States, where I negotiated with U.S. patent examiners at USPTO in cooperation with local attorneys, and obtained a U.S. patent. Based on this experience, I gained the trust from the engineering department, and I was able to grow greatly from that experience. 

[CASE. 2] License
Contributing to the business divisions through the use of intellectual property and external relations

I was originally in charge of acquiring rights in the semiconductor field for several years, but later I came to be in charge of licensing and public relations for the entire electronic components field. Currently, I am in charge of NDA, joint development, and sales of technologies and patents in the electronic components and battery businesses, as well as consulting for disputes and patent license negotiations in the semiconductor business. In any of these operations, it is important to identify the needs of the business unit and seek harmonious points through negotiations with the other party. Coordination with multiple divisions within the company and negotiations with outside parties can be stressful at times, but I find it very rewarding to be able to use my expertise to serve the business.

[CASE. 3] Patent pool management
Reflecting our company opinions to Patent Pool group activities

I am in charge of managing a patent pool in which Panasonic participates. This patent pool consolidates patents, trademarks, and copyrights related to the technical standards used in Home electrical appliances, and licenses them to companies that wish to manufacture and sell products using these technical standards. The difficulty of managing patent pools is that the interests of many right holders conflict. In order to make appropriate proposals for the issues involved in the patent pool, from the proposed licensing framework to the proposed litigation response, it is necessary to consider the position of other companies. In some cases, it is necessary to exchange hard opinions with other companies, and this is a job that requires a great deal of pressure and responsibility. However, this is a job with a large scale that affects products all over the world, we carry out our work every day with a sense of satisfaction.

The history of Panasonic's intellectual property activities dates back 2 years to 1916, when our founder, Konosuke Matsushita, applied for a utility model registration for "Matsushita type socket". This section introduces the history of Panasonic's intellectual property activities, which have supported Panasonic's business for over a century.

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