President's Message (Purpose of Establishment)

In recent times, the business environment is undergoing great changes.
The rise in global geopolitical risks, such as the US-China economic friction, is giving rise to protective trade policies and regulations prioritizing the nations in each region.
As major countries put carbon neutral policies into place, activities concerning global industrial policies are heating up, especially in the fields of environment, energy, and resources. These represent great business opportunities for companies, while at the same time having potential risk factors requiring shrewd responses.
It is increasingly becoming essential for companies to objectively and consistently understand and analyze these changes in the business environment, and to formulate appropriate measures based upon the analysis.
Taking into account the current situation, Panasonic Research Institute was established to provide research and analysis services for businesses. We will determine and examine geopolitical risks and industrial policies in a timely and expert manner, coordinating with other research organizations around the world, to provide the fruits of our research to our clients.

Fujiwara Tetsuya