Business Concept

Based on core technology that we have cultivated over many years, We offer not only semiconductor devices but also solutions in the sensing and power management fields including software technologies. At the same time, we will pursue customer value that supports the evolution of security, safety, eco and comfort.

Panasonic Semiconductor brings innovation to Safe & Secure,Eco-friendly,User-friendly society.

(*):In-Vechle Infotainment

Business Field

Panasonic Semiconductor Solutions Co., Ltd. will contribute to society in three business areas:
"Semiconductor", "Electronic Components" ,"Foundry & OSAT business".

Electronic Components
Foundry & OSAT

(*1):Battery Management System
(*2):Gallium Nitride
(*3):Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor Field-Effect Transistor
(*4):Human Machine Interface
(*5):Near Field Communication


BMS ICs, DC-DC Regulator ICs, Control MCU, Image Sensors, IC card Modules, GaN Transistors, Intelligent Power Devices (IPD), MOSFETs Diodes, HMI Display LSIs, NFC TAG Modules, Radio Frequency Devices

Electronic Components

Lead frame components, LED components, Hermetic seal components

Foundry & OSAT

Wafer foundry, OSAT(OutSource Assembly and Test : Packaging & Testing service)
Wafer processing service