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August 1, 2013
Panasonic Factory Solutions Co., Ltd.

Achievement of max. speed 0.12s/component* in the industry

Introducing new axial component insertion machine

Contribution to Productivity Improvement and Cost Reduction

*As of July 31,2013. For axial component insertion machine. Our investigation.


High speed axial lead component insertion machine

Model No.



Max. speed

0.12 s/component

No. of component inputs


80(Connection mode)
40+40(Exchange mode)

Month of introduction

July, 2013

Panasonic Factory Solutions Co., Ltd. introduces the latest axial component insertion machine, the AV132 from July, 2013.

Pin through hole technology remains necessary to insert components such as diodes and resistors in printed circuit boards (PCBs) for home appliances (white goods), audiovisual (AV) products, lighting, and power supply units. Moreover, there are needs to replace older, existing machinery, conserve energy in factories, reduce material cost of components and PCBs, and automate manual insertion due to increased labor cost and difficulty of procuring workers. Thus the demand for the automatic component insertion machine remains vital.

In order to meet these demands, Panasonic enhanced the capabilities of the current AV131 machine, with increased speed, higher performance and superior reliability - to provide customers with highly reliable and productive solutions for the insertion process that contribute to reducing total cost of ownership (TCO).

This new product is produced by Panasonic Factory Solutions Asia Pacific, which is one of our consolidated group companies and located in Singapore.


High productivity

1.High-throughput capacity realized through an insertion tact time of 0.12s/component.
  • The lightweight and rigid XY table realizes high-speed insertion.
2.The sequential method employed to component supply unit increased operability.
  • As component supply unit is fixed, splicing can be done while equipment is in operation.
3.Productivity improved by eliminating production loss time
  • Fixing the component supply units helps reduce the time loss associated with the movement of the component supply units.
  • The small and lightweight insertion units and direct drive system enable the high-speed rotation of insertion units.
4.Compact component supply unit reduced floor footprint and enhanced area productivity.
  • AV132 (80-type) is 92% vs. AV131 (120-type) and AV132 (40-type) is 90% vs AV131 (60-type).

High reliability

1. Longer life span of consumable parts
  • Use of carbide to reversible lead cutter (fixed), insertion guides and other parts further prolonged life of equipment.
2. Improved reliability of main units
  • The longer life span of cable is achieved by routing the flat cable so that it can draw an arc in the head unit or the anvil rotation unit reducing cable stress.
  • The direct drive of the hollow- body motor eliminates the belt system used for rotating the insertion head.
3. Newly employed vertical automatic feeder enhanced stability of component supply with reduced footprint.


1.The standardized insertion unit does not need switchover.
2.The swing type of bending die makes it possible to handle a lead of 0.4mm to 0.8mm diameter and insertion pitch of 5mm to 26mm per tool, improving flexibility.

Improved operability and maintainability

1.Three-language display (Japanese, English, Chinese)
2.Global transformer
  • The built-in transformer comes with selectable voltage setting of 200, 220, 380,400,420 and 480V, an external transformer becomes unnecessary.
3.Standardization of recommended spare parts
  • The recommended spare parts used for previous machines (AVK series, AV131) can be used for the AV132. (Excluding the lead cutter (fixed))

Detail explanation of features

1.High-speed insertion at 0.12s/component
  • The high speed axial component insertion machine adopting sequential component supply system allow you to attain 0.12s/component and transfer speed of 2s/ board.
2.Highly efficient production
  • The fixed component feeder unit method and an out-of-component detection feature allow you to replenish components beforehand for long-term non-stop operation.
  • The fixed component supply unit will allow you to splice while running equipment.
  • The two-separate component supply unit offer selection of connection/preparation/exchange modes according to your production style. (80-type spec only)
  • Preparation in advance (component setup) or equipment operation during component change-over now became possible for attaining higher operation rate.
  • A full auto-recovery function is provided capable of handling insertion errors automatically for non-stop production for a long time.
3.High area productivity
  • Area of occupation reduced through compact component supply unit. (AV132 80-type is 92% vs AV131 120-type and AV132 40-type is 90% vs AV131 60-type)
  • Floor space saved and line of traffic minimized to achieve highly efficient production.
4.High reliability
  • Recognizing the positions of all the holes (two or three) in the insertion area, the machine corrects the component position based on the optimum insertion position calculated, ensuring reliable insertion.
5.Reduction of running cost
  • The AV132 has spare parts commonality with the AVK3 and AV131 such as service life expansion of the lead cutters by reversibility.
  • Carbide is employed for the insertion guides; prolonging their service life as a result.
  • The transfer system, the XY table and the controller can be used in any one of the insertion machine series.
  • The setup and maintenance operations are standardized.
6.Operability enhancement
  • The liquid crystal touch panel is employed for the control panel and easy operation can be provided by the operation guidance indication.
  • Up to 200 types of programs can be stored. Data can be input to and output from high-capacity SD memory cards.
  • NC data of our conventional equipment (the AV to the AV131) can be used by the AV132.
  • Setup support functions that display the component layout of the component supply unit on the screen are provided.
  • Maintenance support functions that display information of regular maintenance time and operation content are provided.
7.Global transformer
  • Compatible with 200, 220, 380, 400, 420 and 480 voltages. No external transformer is necessary.
8.Enlargement function*1
  • Large-size PCB support allows hole recognition and insertion up to 650mm x 381mm (max) PCB size.
  • 2 PCB transfer can decrease PCB loading time by 50%; thereby increasing productivity. This is effective especially when insertion components are few.

 *1 Optional specification

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High speed axial lead component insertion machine AV132 (NM-EJA5A)

High speed axial lead component insertion machine
AV132 (NM-EJA5A)