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December 10, 2014
Panasonic Factory Solutions Co., Ltd.

Simultaneously achieve high productivity and highly accurate placement

New Production Modular for Any Mix Manufacturing available in December

Model ID

Production Modular, NPM-W2

Model No





Lightweight 16-nozzle head, 12-nozzle head, 8-nozzle head,
3-nozzle head, Dispensing head, 2D inspection head

Applicable components

03015*2 to L120 x W90mm x T30mm or L150 x W25mm x T30mm

Applicable PCB

Dual-lane mode 50 x 50 to 750 x 260mm
Single-lane mode 50 x 50 to 750 x 510mm

Start accepting order

December 2014

Panasonic Factory Solutions Co., Ltd., a business unit of Panasonic Corporation, announced today that it will start taking orders for its New Production Modular, NPM-W2 (Model No. NM-EJM7D) in December, 2014. This single-platform solution is for use in the Surface Mount Technology (SMT) process to mount components, dispense adhesive, and perform inspection of printed circuit boards.

Flexibility is critical in the SMT factory and the NPM-W2 adapts to a wide variety of manufacturing conditions and characteristics such as different production volumes and inconsistent materials. Asset utilization is further optimized by the ability to freely combine technical functions as production and the market requires.

Beyond evolving with the markets’ needs, the NPM-W2 was also designed for increased productivity and placement accuracy including a lightweight 16-nozzle head, a multi-recognition camera, and other improved technologies.

Panasonic continues to provide customers with solutions such as the NPM-W2 for the SMT process and contribute to the reduction of TCO*3.


1.Simultaneously achieve high productivity and highly accurate placement

2.Flexible production from mass production to small lot production with dual-lane system

3.Total solutions to support high productivity of the SMT line.

Media Contact

Masahiro Sakata, Akio Kaneko
Corporate Planning Group
Panasonic Factory Solutions Co., Ltd.
TEL : 055-275-6786 FAX : 055-275-6071
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Details of features

1. Simultaneously achieve high productivity and highly accurate placement

  • The combination of a lightweight 16-nozzle head and a multi-recognition camera increases productivity by 10%*4. This enables high speed placement to 77,000cph. In addition, Twoposition placement function during dual-lane mode is equipped as a standard feature. This increases productivity for dual independent placement on small-size PCBs.
  • Accuracy before placement is available. Achieved chip component placement accuracy ±25μm*5 which requires high productivity. In addition, 03015*2 chip component placement is available as well.

2. Flexible production from mass production to small lot production with dual-lane system

  • A newly developed cart change function  while the machine is in operation enables independent changeovers incombination with twin trays. This enables not only mass production for a double-sided  PCB in both front and rear lane but also for small lot production of different PCBs by independent operation of front and rear head in each lane.
  • The combination of alternate mode (front and rear heads execute placement on PCBs in front and rear lanes alternately) and independent mode (front head executes placement on PCB in front lane and rear head execute placement on rear lane) is available. This combination in the same line equalizes any imbalance caused by component amount gaps on different type of PCBs.

3. Total solutions to support high productivity of the SMT line

  • Wider range of applicable components (up to 30mm height is available)
  • Feeder setup navigation software*6 supports the user to simulate production time including setup time and guiding optimum setup operation at the right timing.
    This realizes simple and secure processing that require less operator skill.
  • Multi-recognition camera enables 2D and 3D measurement*7 that can detect issues such as standing components, thickness, reverse-facing, lead coplanarity, and missing solder balls ; thereby, stabilizing placement quality.
  • Thin, single 8mm feeders reduce time loss from tape and improve model changeover operation.

*1 cph : Chip Per Hour
   Number of chips that can be placed per hour
*2 Optional specification
*3 TCO : Total cost of Ownership
   Total cost to purchase, maintain and manage equipment etc
*4 Compared to our conventional product NM-EJM2D
*5 Optional specification
*6 Optional specification
*7 Optional specification

The NPM-W2 Production Modular

The NPM-W2 Production Modular