Cast Messages “Happiest Celebration!” Join us for our happiest celebration!

The Cast Members of Tokyo Disney Resort® are here to make Guests smile throughout the whole of their Park experience. The resort’s 35th anniversary year is a special year for them too, and the Disneyland motto of “We create happiness” is never far from their minds as they carry out their plans to provide a new Park experience. Here are some of the happiest messages from Cast Members who hope to celebrate this special occasion with lots of Guests.


Each new encounter with Guests has added to the items in my “drawer”.
I look forward to sharing lots of happiest moments with you all.

Hanae Koizumi

Monsters, Inc. Ride & Go Seek!
Tokyo Disneyland®

Monsters, INC. Ride & Go Seek! Tokyo Disneyland®
image of “Monsters, Inc. Ride & Go Seek!”and  the Cast Members

A year ago, a Guest who had traveled a long way to visit the Parks told me that they were looking forward to our 35th anniversary. They had brought their whole family, and they said their family looked forward to visiting every year. I was touched that they were already looking forward to our anniversary even though it was a year away. Now that our anniversary year has begun, I’m hoping that I’ll get to see that family again and celebrate with them.
I’ve also visited the Parks with my family since I was a child. The movie worlds you see on the rides, the kind gestures made by the Cast Members, the excitement of the parades, they all bring me the same amount of joy that they did as a child. It brings me great joy to share this unchangingly wonderful world, to provide this experience as a Cast Member. I really enjoy getting to meet and talk with lots of Guests every day. I wasn’t very good at it when I first became a Cast Member, though. That came little by little as I met more people. I eventually became able to make all kinds of conversation, and started actively approaching Guests. I think each new encounter with Guests has added to the items in my “drawer”. I hope to meet lots more Guests in our 35th anniversary year and share all kinds of happiest moments with them.


Let’s all celebrate together as we share our thoughts
and feelings in this magical world!

Ayaka Igarashi

Indiana Jones® Adventure:
Temple of the Crystal Skull
Tokyo DisneySea®

image of “Indiana Jones® Adventure: Temple of the Crystal Skull”and  the Cast Members

When I was in junior high school, I saved up all by myself and took the night bus to Tokyo Disneyland®. While I was there, I told one of the Cast Members that I wanted to be a Cast Member. She gave me a friendly smile and said she looked forward to working with me one day. After I became a Cast Member, I was reunited with the Cast Member I had wanted to be like for so long. When I asked her if she remembered me, she said “Of course I do. Congratulations!” When I visited the Park, I looked up to those Cast Members who always greeted Guests with a friendly smile, and now that I am working here, I am conscious of the fact that I have people looking up to me.
Just like I did back then, each one of the Guests we see each day is coming to the Park with their own thoughts and feelings. The other day I even met someone who came to the Park because their kids no longer needed them as much. A wish they’d had for 10 years had come true, and they happily told me that just talking to a Cast Member made them feel nostalgic. Our 35th anniversary year will be a year of new experiences not only for the Guests who are visiting for the first time but for those who have not visited for a long time and even those who visit regularly. And it’s a year when Guests and Cast Members can come together and say our congratulations. I look forward to sharing special moments that don’t come along every day.


Depart on a new world journey
with all your favorite Disney characters.

Yukiko Kondo

"it's a small world"
Tokyo Disneyland®

it's a small world
image of “it's a small world”and  the Cast Members

Lots of Guests have visited and enjoyed "it's a small world" since Tokyo Disneyland® first opened. Now "it's a small world" has been enhanced to celebrate our 35th anniversary. Our new journey around the world has lots more Disney characters. You’ll take a boat around the world just like before and encounter all kinds of characters and experiences from the Disney movies, including Elsa and Anna from Frozen, Ariel from The Little Mermaid and characters from Alice in Wonderland, Peter Pan, Pinocchio and The Lion King. And of course, Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse greet everyone at the start and end of the journey.
This is a special year for the Park, and just like we are celebrating our anniversary, some of our Guests come here to celebrate their own special occasions, like birthdays and wedding anniversaries. Meeting those Guests makes me happy too. I even met an older couple who visit the Park to celebrate their wedding anniversary every year. I wrote their names together on a birthday sticker. I’m looking forward to meeting lots of Guests again this year and celebrating together with them.


Welcome to the Parks celebrating the 35th anniversary!
We’ve got all kinds of experiences and encounters to make you smile.

Yoshihiro Fukuzaki

Resort Creation Department
Oriental Land Co., Ltd.

“Tokyo Disney Resort® 35th ‘Happiest Celebration!’”
image of Tokyo DisneySea® and  the Cast Members

Our 35th anniversary represents a lot of memories of all the Guests who have visited us over the years. We’ve planned all kinds of special events and programs to capture the excitement of this special year, including “Dreaming Up!”, a new day parade launched at Tokyo Disneyland® in spring, “Happiest Celebration on the Sea”, a water greeting at Tokyo DisneySea® and “Celebrate! Tokyo Disneyland”, a nighttime spectacular that lights up the summer nights at Tokyo Disneyland®. Special Mickey Mouse statues have also been put up in the two Parks, with a variety of costumes designed for each area.
When you visit the Park, I hope that you will enjoy not only the attractions and events, but meeting and talking to the Cast Members too. We will be giving a Happiest Surprise to a total of 350,000 Guests who visit Tokyo Disneyland® and Tokyo DisneySea® during the 35th anniversary event period, so you might receive a wonderful present from one of our Cast Members!
So come and celebrate with us the year of “Happiest Celebration!”

“Tokyo Disney Resort® 35th ‘Happiest Celebration!’”

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