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G100 Course

What is the G100 Course?

Recruiting process for non-native Japanese speakers, applying for business positions as new graduates in Japan.

Up until now, emphasizing as a Japanese company, Panasonic's recruiting process in Japan has focused on communication in Japanese since we valued on the culture of Japanese craftspersonship symbolized by "Made in Japan."

Yet as we seeks to create new value with our customers all over the world for the next 100 years, it is essential that we retain diverse talent without regard to the languages that they use, to rapidly incorporate into society the ideas brought by “creative friction” between cross-cultural communication.

In order to embrace diverse talents to create such an innovative culture able to meet the changing business environment, we have newly established the G100 Course to ease conditions for Japanese language skills in some processes for hiring within Japan, to provide more accessible recruiting system.

Expected Candidates

Students seeking work in Japan wishing to communicate in English or Chinese in recruiting process rather than Japanese. (Regardless of nationality or experience abroad.)

Course outline

This is a new course aiming to enhance mutual understanding and reduce stress due to language differences to those going through the recruiting process for new graduates in Japan.

  1. Some seminars (information sessions about Panasonic) will be held in English and/or Chinese.
  2. Completing an Application Sheet (Entry Sheet) in English.
  3. Holding the aptitude tests (SPI) (consideration will be given to Japanese proficiency if the tests are taken in Japanese)
    and Essay in English or Chinese.
  4. Holding some interviews in English or Chinese.



Chinese (Simplified Chinese)


Application Sheet (Entry Sheet)




Global SPI








2nd Screening




Final screening





Positions will be the same as other hires which the jobs and the positions are not limited.
We will work with you to find your best career path while allowing you to be active in leading our transformation into a truly global company.

Application Guidelines ※G100 Course will be held only in June batch


Those graduating from a four-year university/college or graduate school in March 2020. *Former Graduates may also apply.




Same as other hires which the jobs and the positions are not limited
Expected Positions
sales and marketing, accounting, human resources, legal affairs, intellectual property, procurement, advertising, logistics, production management, customer service, etc..


Starting salary (university/graduate school level)
Master's Degree: 235,500 yen per month (*figures for 2018)
Bachelor's Degree: 211,500 yen per month (*figures for 2018)


Commuting, overtime, etc.

Salary review

Once a year (April)


Twice a year (July, December)

Work locations

Japan (Panasonic Corporation HQ, R&D, Business Division, etc.)

Working hours

8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. / 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.
Flextime work is available in some cases (7 hours and 45 minutes standard working hours per day)

Days off and leave

Full two-day weekend (Saturday and Sunday), public holidays, end of year and New Year, summer vacation / paid annual holidays / leave for special occasions / leave at special intervals (approximately 126 days off per year)

Social insurance

Employment insurance, accident compensation insurance, health insurance, corporate employee pension insurance


Services: shareholding plans, property accumulation savings, corporate pension, etc.
Facilities: dormitories for single people, company housing, resort facilities, medical facilities, etc.


New employee training, training by job function (position) or Business Division, training by level, various types of non-company training and training abroad

Screening process

Document screening, interviews, aptitude tests, etc.


Three-month probation period (the same conditions for Formal.

Selection process

Held in June batch (G100 Course) Entries accepted from March 1

※G100 Course will be held only in June batch

1 Entry Sheet (ES, Application sheet) / Essay / aptitude test (SPI)

  • Entry Sheet submission deadline: 4:00 p.m., Monday, April 15
  • Essay deadline: Thursday, April 18
  • Aptitude test (SPI) deadline: Thursday, April 18

※Next step for candidates who passed the document screening is 2nd screening, as the essay is compatible with the 1st screening

Entries require completion of these three points

  1. Submission of an Entry Sheet (submit via [選考会エントリー] on the Mypage)
  2. Submission of an essay (one A4 Sheet)
    (submit via [自己PR書提出] on the Mypage)
    *Essay format: one A4 sheet in any format
    *Essay contents:The following content must be included: (you can use photos, etc.)
    • Your ID, the name of university/college, full name, preferred course
    • What you see as your personal challenge at Panasonic, or what you want to achieve while working for Panasonic
    • Experiences of working with diverse other people in the past in order to achieve a difficult goal (state the process and results in detail, highlighting your own role)
  3. Taking an aptitude test (SPI)
    * Important notice about the SPI
    • Instructions for the SPI (aptitude test) will be given to you by the next working day by email. Please follow its instruction.
    • Make your preparations with time to apply. Make sure to finish the SPI before deadline.

2 Document screening

3 2nd screening

4 Final screening

5 Unofficial job offer