主要学会発表歴 2017年

学会名 場所/誌名 発表月日 タイトル(発表記号・番号含む) 発表者(連名含む)
Advanced Functional Materials Elsevier Dec 20 Boosting the efficiency of perovskite solar cell with CsBr-modified mesoporous TiO2 beads as electron selective contact Ji-Youn Seo1, Ryusuke Uchida2
2: Panasonic
International Symposium on Wireless Personal Multimedia Communications Royal Ambarrukmo Hotel Yogyakarta, Indonesia Dec 20 Study of Spectrum Sensing Scheme Using Received Power Within Preamble Signals Hiroaki Sudo, Kazuhiro Kosaka, Hideki Kanemoto, Noriyuki Gejoh, Takeshi Yasunaga, Mitsuru Uesugi
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics C Royal Society of Chemistry Dec 19 Energy level diagram of HC(NH2)2PbI3 single crystal evaluated by electrical and optical analyses Takeyuki Sekimoto*
Technical Committee on Network Systems/Radio Communication Systems in the Institute of Electronics, information and Communication Engineers (IEICE) JMS Aster Plaza, Hiroshima, Japan Dec 14 A mobile tracing scheme and a scheme of efficiently containing wireless devices, using ICN Mitsuru Uesugi*
Dialog System Technology Challenge 6 workshop(DSTC6 workshop) Long Beach, USA Dec 10 End-to-end memory networks with word-abstraction and contextual-numbering for goal oriented task Asuka Sakai*
International Display Workshops 2017 Sendai, Japan Dec 7 Reinvention of an IPS-LCD Technology Enabling Extremely High Contrast Ratio of 1 Million to 1 Yoichi Yasui*
International Display Workshops 2017 Sendai, Japan Dec 7 Moving Image Quality: Visual Ergonomics, Requirements and Evaluation with an 8K 120 Hz LCD Taiichiro Kurita1, Ryutaro Oke2, Satoshi Mima3
1: NHK Media Technology
2: Panasonic
3: Keisoku Giken
International Display Workshops 2017 Sendai, Japan Dec 6 Development of 55-in. 8K-3D IPS LCD with 3D Polarization Filter Junichi Maruyama1, Yasuaki Umezawa2, Toshio Chiba3
1. Panasonic
2: Arisawa Manufacturing
3: Kairos
2017 IEEE International Electron Devices Meeting (IEEE IEDM) San Francisco, California, United States of America Dec 5 Fast Switching Performance by 20 A / 730 V AlGaN/GaN MIS-HFET Using AlON Gate Insulator Satoshi Nakazawa1, Hongan Shih1, Naohiro Tsurumi1,Yoshiharu Anda1, Tsuguyasu Hatsuda1, Tetsuzo Ueda1, Mikito Nozaki2, Takahiro Yamada2, Takuji Hosoi2, Takayoshi Shimura2, Heiji Watanabe2, and Tamotsu. Hashizume3
1: Panasonic
2: Osaka University
3: Hokkaido University
The 31st Annual Conference on Neural Information Processing Systems (NIPS2017) Long Beach, USA Dec 4 On the Model Shrinkage Effect of Gamma Process Edge Partition Models Iku Ohama1, Issei Sato2, Takuya Kida3, Hiroki Arimura3
1: Panasonic
2: University of Tokyo
3: Hokkaido University
Journal of Solid State Circuits IEEE Dec 4 A 2.1-Mpixel Organic Film-Stacked RGB-IR Image Sensor with Electrically Controllable IR Sensitivity Shinichi Machida*
2017 MRS Fall Meeting Boston, USA Nov 30 Giant dielectric constant in Al2O3 / TiO2 nanolaminates synthesized by atomic layer deposition Takuji Tsujita*
2017 MRS Fall Meeting Boston, USA Nov 29 Enhancement of Li-ion conductivity in a mesoporous silica-based solid state nanocomoposite electrolyte Akihiko Sagara*
Embedded Security in Cars'escar Europe 2017 Berlin, Germany Nov 7 Automotive SIEM and Anomaly Detection using Sand Sprinkled Isolation Forest Tomoyuki Haga, Ryota Takahashi, Takamitsu Sasaki, Takeshi Kishikawa, Junichi Tsurumi, Hideki Matsushima
ACS Catalysis American Chemical Society Nov 1 Crystalline Copper(II) Phthalocyanine Catalysts for Electrochemical Reduction of Carbon Dioxide in Aqueous Media Shoko Kusama*
The 2nd International Symposium on Swarm Behavior and Bio-Inspired Robotics Kyoto, Japan Oct 31 A Simple Decentralized Control Scheme for Swarm Robots That can Perform Spatially Distributed Tasks in Parallel Takeshi Kano1, Eiichi Naito2
1: Tohoku University
2: Panasonic
ITS World Congress 2017 Montreal, Canada Oct 29 Image Recognition using Deep Learning for ADAS and Autonomous Car Sotaro Tsukizawa*
2017 IEEE 6th Global Conference on Consumer Electronics Nagoya, Japan Oct 26 Noise Reduction and Evaluation of Speech Recognition Performance by the Adaptive Beamformer with Four Microphone for Wearable Speech Translation Device Kohhei Hayashida, Tsuyoki Nishikawa, Takanori Aoyama, Kazuya Nomura, Takeo Kanamori
2017 IEEE 6th Global Conference on Consumer Electronics Nagoya, Japan Oct 26 I-vector-based Speaker Identification with Extremely Short Utterances for Both Training and Testing Misaki Tsujikawa1, Tsuyoki Nishikawa1, Tomoko Matsui2
1: Panasonic
2: The Institute of Statistical Mathematics
International Symposium on Imaging, Sensing, and Optical Memory 2017 Shimane, Japan Oct 23 Introduction of Archival Disc Yasushi Kobayashi1, Yo Ota2
1: Panasonic
2: Sony
International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV) 2017 Workshop on Computer Vision for Road Scene Understanding and Autonomous Driving Venice, Italy Oct 23 Risky Region Localization with Point Supervision Kazuki Kozuka1,2, Juan Carlos Niebles2
1: Panasonic
2: Stanford University
Technical Committee on Radio Communication Systems in the Institute of Electronics, information and Communication Engineers (IEICE) Tohoku Institute of Technology, Miyagi, Japan Oct 19 A study of optimal small cell selection technology and high quality mobile video transmission in 5G wireless network systems Hiroaki Asano1, Noriyuki Shimizu1, Masaaki Yoshino1, Takeshi Miyakoshi1, Hideki Shingu1, Yoshifumi Morihiro2, Yukihiko Okumura2
1: Panasonic
Sustainable Energy and Fuels Royal Society of Chemistry Oct 17 A broad parameter range for selective methane production with bicarbonate solution in electrochemical CO2 reduction Hiroshi Hashiba*
232nd ECS Meeting National Harbor, USA Oct 5 Electrochemical de-hydrogenation of liquid MCH at room temperature Saifullah Badar*
International Conference on Materials and Systems for Sustainability2017 (ICMaSS2017) Nagoya, Japan Oct 1 In situ TEM observation of the charge/discharge reactions at LiCoO2/solid-electrolyte interfaces Yuki Nomura1, Kazuo Yamamoto2
1: Panasonic
2: Japan Fine Ceramics Center
232nd ECS Meeting National Harbor, USA Oct 1 Theoretical Modeling of Catalyst Layers for PEFCs with Different Fabrication Processes and Analysis of the Morphologies Hiroshi Ishikawa*
The 2017 IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems Vancouver, Canada Sep 25 External Control of Walking Direction, Using Cross-Wire Mobile Assist Suit Kenta Murakami*
Chemistry of Materials American Chemical Society Sep 15 Fundamental Semiconducting Properties of Perovskite Oxynitride SrNbO2N: Epitaxial Growth and Characterization Ryosuke Kikuchi*
Journal of The Electrochemical Society Electrochemical Society Sep 1 Durability of Sulfonated Phenylene Poly(Arylene Ether Ketone) Semiblock Copolymer Membrane in Wet-Dry Cycling for PEFCs Hiroshi Ishikawa*
The 10th Biomedical Engineering International Conference (BMEiCON) Hokkaido, Japan Aug 31 Data Augmentation Methods for Machine-learning-based Classification of Bio-signals Asuka Sakai*
The 26th International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence (IJCAI2017) Melbourne, Australia Aug 19 Discovering Relevance-Dependent Bicluster Structure from Relational Data Iku Ohama1, Takuya Kida2, Hiroki Arimura2
1: Panasonic
2: Hokkaido University
Energy and Environmental Science Royal Society of Chemistry Aug 17 Broad parameter range of selective methane production with bicarbonate solution in electrochemical CO2 reduction Hiroshi Hashiba*
Free Radical Research Informa Healthcare Aug 16 Formation of artifactual DMPO-OH spin adduct in acid solutions containing nitrite ions Tetsuya Takayanagi*
The 15th IEEE International Conference on Rehabilitation Robotics QEII Center, London Jul 18 Cross-Wire Assist Suit Concept, for Mobile and Lightweight Multiple Degree of Freedom Hip Assistance Stephen W. John*
RSC Advances Royal Society of Chemistry Jul 14 Effect of oxygen vacancy segregation in Au or Pt/oxide hetero-interfaces on electronic structures Kazuki Shitara1,Tetsuya Asano2
1: Japan Fine Ceramics Center
2: Panasonic
Symposia on VLSI Technology and Circuits (Keynote Address Paper) Rihga Royal Hotel Kyoto, Japan Jun 6 Innovative solutions toward future society with AI, Robotics, and IoT Takeshi Yukitake*
17th International Workshop on Junction Technology (IWJT) Kyoto, Japan Jun 2 Characterization of Residual Defects in Plasma-exposed Si Substrates Using Cathodoluminescence and Positron Annihilation Spectroscopy Yoshihiro Sato*
The Japanese Society of Artificial Intelligence (JSAI 2017) Nagoya, Japan May 23 Consideration of Task Load Evaluation in Cognitive and Physical Multitask Situations Yuki Atsumi1,Mayu Yokoya2,Kazunori Yamada2, Junya Morita3, Takatsugu Hirayama1,Yu Enokibori1,Kenji Mase1
1: Nagoya University
2: Panasonic
3: Shizuoka University
IAPR International Conference on Machine Vision Applications Nagoya, Japan May 10 An Image Generation Method with Low Distortion Surround View for Vehicle Camera Systems Using a Composite Projection Kunio Nobori2, Norimichi Ukita1, Norihiro Hagita1
2: Panasonic
IAPR International Conference on Machine Vision Applications Nagoya, Japan May 8 Compressive Color Sensing Using Random Complementary Color Filter Array Satoshi Sato2, Nobuhiko Wakai2, Kunio Nobori2,Takeo Azuma2, Takamichi Miyata1, Makoto Nakashizuka1
1: Chiba Institute of Technology
2: Panasonic
2017 IEEE International Reliability Physics Symposium
Monterey, California, United States of America Apr 3 Reliability of Hybrid-Drain-embedded Gate Injection Transistor Kenichiro Tanaka, Tatsuo Morita, Masahiro Ishida, Tsuguyasu Hatsuda, Tetsuzo Ueda
Kazuki Yokoyama, Ayanori Ikoshi, Masahiro Hikita, Masahiro Toki, Manabu Yanagihara, Yasuhiro Uemoto
Pacing and Clinical Electrophysiology (PACE) Wiley Periodicals, Inc Mar 23 The Contactless Vital Sensing System Precisely Reflects R-R Interval in Electrocardiograms of Healthy Subjects Kentaro Suga1, Tadanori Tezuka2
1: University of Occupational and Environmental Health
2: Panasonic
Journal of Information Processing Japan Mar 15 Statiscal Intrusion Detection Based on CAN Message Frequencies for In-Vehicle Network Takuya Kawahara1,Yukino Baba1, Hisashi Kashima1, Takeshi Kishikawa2, Junichi Tsurumi2, Tomoyuki Haga2, Yoshihiro Ujiie2, Takamitsu Sasaki2, Hideki Matsuhima2
1: Kyoto University
2: Panasonic
Biophysical Society 61st Annual Meeting New Orleans, USA Feb 12 Developing of Heterotrimeric G Protein Based Intramolecular Type-FRET Indicator of GPCR Activation Yuki Kushida*
2017 IEEE International Solid-State Circuits Conference
San Francisco, United States of America Feb 6 A 105Gb/s 300GHz CMOS Transmitter

Kyoya Takano1, Shuhei Amakawa1, Kosuke Katayama1, Shinsuke Hara2,
Ruibing Dong2, Akifumi Kasamatsu2, Iwao Hosako2, Koichi Mizuno3,
Kazuaki Takahashi3, Takeshi Yoshida1, Minoru Fujishima1
1: Hiroshima University
2: National Institute of Information and Communications Technology
3: Panasonic

International Solid-State Circuits Conference (ISSCC) IEEE, USA Feb 6 A 2.1Mpixel Organic Film-stacked RGB-IR Image Sensor with Electrically Controlled IR Sensitivity Shinichi Machida*
Advanced Materials Wiley VCH Jan 20 Room-temperature Formation of Highly Crystalline Multication Perovskites for Efficient, Low-cost Solar Cells Taisuke Matsui*