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Nuotrauka KX-TU110


Display Type : TFT Color LCD
Backlight Y (White)
Size : 114mm x 51mm x13.5mm
Resolution 128 x 160
Date and Time : Y
Language : English, German, French, russian,italian,czech,polish, Greek, Spanish,Turkish,hungarian,slovak,dutch,croatian,romanian,slovenian,bulgarian,latvian,estonian,serbian,UK english
GSM Signal Level Indicator : Y
Battery Level Indicator : Y
Key Illumination : Y
Network specifications GSM 900/ 1800 MHz
SIM SIM Card Compatibility Y
SIM Lock Unsupported
SIM Application Tool Y
Dual SIM Available Y
GSM related functions including Supplementary Service Call Barring Y
Call Forwarding Y
Call Waiting Y
Multi Party Call Y
CLIP(Caller ID) Y
Messages SMS Y
Concatenated SMS N
Cell Broadcast Y
SMS Mail Box Y
Text Entry Method Alpha-Numeric(we press # key to switch to numeric)
Voice Mail Y
Voice mail Notification Y
Default voice mail number : Blank
Security PIN Lock Y ( PIN1, PIN2 ), Remaining Attempt Number Indication
Phone Lock Y
Key Lock Y
Operating Time Stand-by Time up to 225 Hours
Talk Time 5 Hours
Size Dimension Handset (114mm x 51mm x13.5mm ) Charger Cradle (NO)
Weight Charger Cradle (NO)
General Function Speaker Phone Y
Priority Call Y : SMS send and Voice call (Default phone number is blank,SMS message is Energency,need help!!!) ( Number of registration : 5 )
GPS Function to Notify Location Data N
Predial Y
Redial 40 digits ( Latest 20 )
Auto Redial Y (Depends on Network Service)
Incoming Call Restriction Y
Mute Y
Hold Y
Call Log Y (All Calls 120,MO 40,MT 40,Missed 40)
Any Key Answer Y (Default Off)
Auto Talk N
Open to Talk N
Proportional Font N
Dedicated One Touch Dialling Button N ( *but speed dialing is available, Please refer line 60 in this sheet )
Summer time Y
Contrast Setting : N(we just can adjust LCD Backlight brightness)
LED Status Indicator N
Vibration Y (On, Off) ( Incoming Call, SMS Receive , Alarm )
Calendar N
Bluetooth Y
Hearing Aid Compatible N
Voice Recording N
Remote Sound Monitoring N
Audio Reciever Volume Control Y
Speaker Phone Volume Control Y
Ringer Volume Control Y
Selectable Ringing Tone Y
Night Mode N
Step-up Ringing Tone N
Recordable Customized Ringer N
Frequency Control Equalizer N
Key tone Y ( On , Off) (Default : ON)
Audible Dialling N
Caller ID Readout N (Delete the function )
Noise Reduction N
Activation and Deactivation Melody Y
LCD Proportional Font Y
LCD Brightness Control Y
Automatic LCD Brightness Control N
Multi LCD Background Colour N
Wallpaper Y (Default : Off)
Multi Size Font N
Phone Book Phonebook 300 + (SIM Capacity : 254 max.)
Multi Entry Phonebook N
Phonebook Copy Y (SIM ⇔ Phone, All / Each Item )
Speed Dial Y (Dial Key 2 - 9)
Fixed Dial Y
Service Dial Y
Top 3 contacts N
Alarm Alarm Y (5 Alarms)
Memo Alarm N
Others Strap Hole N
Shock Resistant N