Beautifully smooth skin anytime, anywhere with Panasonic

• Lightweight, compact design realise easy and efficient trimming and shaving
• 2-in-1 Trim & Shave ES-WF62 for the face, bikini area and underarms
• Wet & Dry compact lady shaver ES-WL50 for the entire body

Frankfurt, Germany, 2019-18-02 – Panasonic is introducing two new hair removal devices that achieve efficient and effective hair removal. The new Trim & Shave ES-WF62 is perfect for the face, bikini and underarms and features a slim, lightweight design. The new ES-WL50 wet & dry compact lady shaver enables quick and gentle shaving for the entire body. Both devices can be used anytime, anywhere and run on AAA batteries*1.

*1 Batteries are not included in the package

Gentle, efficient shaving with high-quality blades
The edge of the ES-WF62 blade is rounded to ensure no skin damage occurs. Safe shaving is achieved by just running it on dry skin and the 0.12mm ultra-thin blade assures immediate silky, smooth skin. The head also swings by approximately ten degrees to both sides to fit all contours and achieve efficient shaving in one stroke.

The head of the ES-WL50 is designed and developed with unique ingenuity. The adoption of large inner blades enables efficient shaving in one stroke thanks to the large contact area. The inner blades do not touch the skin directly, making shaving even gentler, and the floating head fits the body curves to minimise hair left unshaved. The sharp shaving performance of the blades can also be experienced for a long period of time due to their durable stainless steel.

Compact design for hair removal anytime, anywhere
The new Trim & Shave ES-WF62 features a slim, stick-shaped design weighing only approximately 27g including a single AAA battery*2. It can be carried in a small cosmetic bag to be used anywhere on the go. A bundled Protection Cap covers the blade when not in use to prevent it from damaging or scratching other items.

The ES-WL50 realises efficient shaving despite its compact and lightweight body of approximately 120g including two AAA batteries*2. An additional switch lock function prevents unintentional operation when not in use.

*1 Weight is with battery but without cap/attachments

Precise eyebrow shaping with the ES-WF62
The new Trim & Shave ES-WF62 lets you easily design your eyebrows as you like. The bundled Precision Cap enables precise shaving even in narrow, delicate areas, preventing mistakes of over-shaving or cutting eyelashes. It is also possible to trim the eyebrows to 2, 4 or 6mm by using an Eyebrow Comb, which is also included in the package.

Bikini comb, pop-up trimmer and waterproof design
The wet & dry compact lady shaver ES-WL50 includes a bundled Bikini Comb, which enables easy adjustment of hair length, and a convenient pop-up trimmer which cuts long hairs and even captures flat-lying hairs anywhere on the body.

The ES-WL50 also features a waterproof design allowing in-bath use. You can also choose to shave your hair quickly by just applying it to dry skin. It is also fully washable and easy to keep clean.

Panasonic is committed to encouraging effortless beauty for women, and enriching people's lives, by introducing a wide range of home products designed and developed under strict quality and safety controls.

•Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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