Create delicious, homemade cuisine with new ‘Experience Fresh’ kitchen appliances

• Celebrate the joy of cooking from scratch with innovative technologies
• Enhanced social dining experiences with new microwave ovens
• Preserved nutrients and maximum flavour with new slow juicers

Frankfurt, Germany, 2019-18-02 – Panasonic has today announced the introduction of nine new microwave ovens and three slow juicers, extending its small kitchen appliance range for healthy fresh food. New technological innovations and outstanding designs embody Panasonic’s Experience Fresh philosophy, ensuring the preparation of food is as enjoyable as its consumption. 

The new line-up of microwave ovens include the NN-CD87 slim-line combination microwave oven, the GT Series grill microwave ovens with Inverter Technology – the NN-GT47K/NN-GT46K/NN-GT45K, and the ST Series, solo microwave ovens with Inverter Technology – the NN-ST48K / NN-ST46K / NN-ST45K. It also comprises two new 20L microwave ovens: the NNJ19K grill microwave oven and NN-S29K solo microwave oven.

Panasonic is also launching a new MJ-L700 slow juicer and two new MJ-L501 slow juicers.

Experience Fresh with ease every day
The Panasonic Experience Fresh brand concept celebrates the joy of fresh food and creates social experiences for you and your loved ones. Consisting of three pillars focused on innovative technologies, joyful and healthy cooking and memorable social experiences, Panasonic applies its brand concept to the creation of its small kitchen appliances.

Inspired by timeless Japanese culture, cooking techniques and technologies, where food is prepared from scratch, each appliance has been expertly designed and manufactured to enable cooks of any level to truly enjoy healthy cooking with ease.

The ultimate microwave oven for families
Experience Fresh makes delicious cooking a simple pleasure and part of everyday life.

This is embodied in the new NN-CD87 slim-line combination microwave oven, which is packed full of innovative features.

The first is the Genius Sensor that monitors steam levels to achieve optimal heating and cooking results without the guesswork. As the microwave oven checks the heat through the steam from food, it is able to adjust the time required without human intervention. Several Auto Menus work with the Genius sensor so that you don’t have to set the time or weight of ingredients to ensure the correct cooking or reheating time has been applied. The NN-CD87 also features a ‘One-Push Reheating’ button, which instructs the Genius Sensor to calculate the exact reheating time required automatically with absolute ease.

The microwave oven additionally includes Panasonic’s microwave Inverter Technology, which controls power precisely to cook food gently and evenly, resulting in nutrients being preserved. Whether heating baby food, poaching eggs, baking cakes or defrosting steaks, you can evenly heat and defrost even the most sensitive foods in record time.

The Junior Menu programme of the NN-CD87 enables you to cook seven useful and healthy auto menus for kids.

All this is achieved in a new slim design due to the integration of the fan at the top, rather than the back of the oven. The position of the fan has resulted in a 15% space-saving compared to conventional 34 litre capacity ovens.

Microwave ovens that meet all needs
The new line-up of microwave ovens launched today include the GT series NN-GT47K/NN-GT46K/NN-GT45K grill microwave ovens with inverter, and the ST series NN-ST48K / NN-ST46K / NN-ST45K solo microwave ovens with Inverter Technology.

Catering for family mealtimes with a respective 31L and 32L capacity, the GT series and ST series make social occasions even easier with technological innovations extended across each series, which include the Genius Sensor for perfect cooking and reheating results, and the new Junior Menu programme for vegetable purees, fruit purees and porridge.

Both the GT grill microwave ovens and ST solo microwave ovens have a modern, elegant design and feature black, stainless steel and white models.

Two new line 20L microwave ovens have also been announced – the NNJ19K grill microwave oven and the NN-S29K solo microwave oven. Both have a premium stainless steel front for easy integration into any kitchen environment.

Slim and sleek slow juicers for store-quality juice
Panasonic’s new MJ-L700 and MJ-L501 slow juicers exemplify Panasonic‘s Experience Fresh brand concept by maximising every drop of goodness achieved with cold-pressed juices. The slow RPM effectively suppresses oxidation damage and ensures more of the healthy digestive enzymes are left intact.

The new MJ-L700, which includes a 75mm wide feed inlet, is perfect for juicing a whole fruit with ease and therefore minimises fruit and vegetable degradation. Smaller ingredients such as carrots can be added to the juicer during operation via a small opening without opening the main lid, and even harder ingredients like ginger can be powerfully and effectively slow-squeezed. Children can also safely enjoy learning about healthy cooking with the MJ-L700’s safety function: The slow juicer’s power turns off automatically when the lid is opened.

Featuring an elegant, slim and sleek design to fit any kitchen, the the MJ-L700 and MJ-L501 slow juicers are part of the same design line as the Croustina hard crust bread maker announced in August 2018. It is available in white and black with a premium matte finish.

Preserve nutrition and achieve the best results with Experience Fresh every time.

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